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Yachtdrop App

Message from our friend’s at YACHTDROP

Hi all,

I am really excited to be sharing with you a company that I truly believe in and one that will change the way in which provisioning currently happens throughout the yachting industry.

I am very passionate about the use of technology to enable us to make all aspects of our lives easier. Provisioning to yachts hasn’t moved on since the use of email to place an order. Crew scramble around to source reliable provisioners and spend a huge amount of time liaising with them to place and receive their orders.

Yachtdrop was started to bring this whole process into the 21st century. Everyone is used to using online services such as Amazon, Deliveroo and Uber in their personal lives and it is that same technology and model that will allow crew to build their basket within the Yachtdrop app from the best provisioners in the world and provide transparent order processing to ensure clarity and visibility on pricing, delivery times and traceability all within the app.

I believe in their vision so much that I have decided to personally invest in the company.

This is no small task to change the way in which crew and provisioners have been working for decades, so as the famous Chinese Proverb states “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. This first step is focussing on drinks delivery in the Mediterranean. What will follow later this year is the US & Caribbean, then Asia and Australia in the years to come.

Other product lines are due to be added such as cleaning products, flowers and ultimately food. The aim of the game at this stage is to get one thing ‘perfect’ with drinks, get crew familiar with the process then for other product lines to follow.

With the support of the tight-knit community that is yachting, your support by downloading the App on Google Play or App Store would be greatly appreciated.

Yachtdrop App