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Update from the Balearic Marine Cluster

This Monday we had a meeting with the president and the director of the Port Authority and the main topic discussed was the many problems that the companies are facing currently and what we expect from them. Among others, the lack of clear information on the procedure for yachts coming to the islands and crew that need to travel to or from Palma. Luckily they have reacted fast and circulated a clarification note based on the previous communication of the General Directorate of Merchant Navy.

As a resume, both communications clarify that the following activities are allowed to be carried out with normality:

  • The repair & maintenance activities at the yards and port facilities
  • Displacement of recreational boats by sea or land
  • Sea trials
  • The navigation for professional purposes
  • The drainage and revision tasks of moorings or defenses of recreational boats while moored in the port, as well as any other tasks that are necessary to guarantee the maintenance of the boat.

All above-mentioned activities can be carried out only by professionals (workers assigned from refit companies or yard/marina or crew itself) and the owners are not allowed to do any of them.

Upon a huge number of authorization requests from several companies and based on the communication of the General Directorate of Merchant Navy, the Delegation of the Government has changed the criteria, so below you can find the latest situation.

No more prior authorizations are required for the arrival of yachts to the harbours in Spain for refit&repair purposes. But, the following rules will still apply:

  • The yacht should have a confirmed reservation in a marina or yard.
  • Once the boat is moored, it is subject to the current law of the state alarm at the time of arrival.
  • The crew members who arrive with the boat must have an accredited or recognized professional qualification and work contract.
  • There can be no passengers/guests on board.
  • Crew with a certificate of residence in the Balearic Islands can disembark and go to their home, fulfilling the established mobility restrictions.
  • Crew without residence must remain on the boat with the established mobility limitations restrictions.
  • The delivery crew that will not be kept on by the vessel must depart the island immediately unless they are a resident of the Balearics.

As the COVID situation may require an update at any moment and the criteria on above-mentioned issues may change accordingly, it is still necessary to advise the yard/marina and the local agent about the plans to arrive or leave Balearics.  

The movement of crew from their country of residence to the vessel and vice versa is permitted but they should carry specific documents such as work contract, letter from Captain, copy of boat registry, a letter from the marina or shipyard stating that the vessel is there. No more previous authorization is required anymore.

I suggest that the yachts carry onboard the attached communication of Merchant Navy, just in case if they have any issue to show to the Guardia Civil.

Best regards.  

Gulsan Atalay

Manager- Balearic Marine Cluster