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“The only International event to be held in Calvia in 2020”

If Covid-19 has taught anything positive, it is that resilience and flexibility is key to survival. 

The organisers of Senses 6Points Mallorca Charity Cycling Challenge were determined to host the event after its postponement in May.  Their determination was spurred on by three main motivators – the desperate need of the charities whose donations have slowed to a trickle in this most difficult of years, the desire to give cyclists something to look forward to and the strong feeling that we should not let Covid beat us!, and frankly, we all just wanted to have some fun, that too has been elusive for many this year.

Last Friday the 6Points riders rolled off the start on Santa Ponsa beach front with the goal of riding to the four compass extremities of the island and the highest and lowest points, hence ‘6Points’. That’s an achievement in itself, but 2020 wasn’t done with us yet, and a glance at the weather forecast told tales of high winds and storms in the mountains ahead.

The Senses 6Points riders had some exalted and inspiring company this year as Paralympian Karen Darke MBE rode much of the way on her high tech trike, designed by the Williams F1 team that took her, or more accurately she took it to Paralympic silver and gold medals, at the London and Rio games respectively. She was kind enough to deliver an inspirational run through of her life changing accident, and the life affirming story of her triumph over personal adversities. More than a few hard-nosed cyclists were moved to tears, literally. Look her up, she is quite the lady.

In a ‘normal’ year, the Senses 6Points Mallorca traces 420km of the island’s prettiest, and toughest roads, in the process the riders would climb about the height of Everest. The adverse weather on day one prompted a rethink and the route headed for the relatively protected roads to the east to Randa and the climb to the iconic monastery, then to lunch in the square in Petra where they enjoyed being welcomed by the local cycling cafe with open arms.  After Petra, it was a tricky ride with very gusty crosswinds to Port de Pollença for the Stage 1 finish.

The Daina Hotel in Port de Pollença rolled out the red carpet with a warm welcome as the hosts for the weekend. As we all know this has been an impossibly difficult season for the island’s hospitality industry, but they treated the 50 strong 6 Points group like royalty.

The weather improved a little for Saturday and the 6Pointers had a magnificent ride to Cap Formentor, Caimari, up the incredibly beautiful climb to Lluc and helter skelter descent down the Coll de Femenia then back to the hotel for a swim or a beer or both.

Grim news again from the weather forecast for Sunday, the riders had planned to head down the Tramuntana coast to St Elm, but a brutal headwind all day forced a rethink, some riders heading into the mountains for a truncated version, while others wound their way back to Santa Ponsa through the winding lanes and vineyards of the lowlands.

There was a carnival welcome at the finish line as tired, but elated riders were greeted by friends, family and the ever present children from ASDICA, one of the beneficiary charities from the event. The group was also pleased to have been able to spend a little money in the hotels and lunch stops who have had the most difficult of years, with worse to come perhaps, they were all grateful for a visit from hungry cyclists with a taste for cake.

The sponsorship money and donations are still rolling in but the organisers estimate that 6Points will have raised about €15000 for this year’s event for Asdica and Save-the-Med. The money raised is lower than we had hoped for, as many of our riders couldn’t come due to the present travel restrictions. These dedicated organisations need funds to continue their important work, so if you can spare a little, or a lot, you can donate here.

It’s only seven months now to the 5th edition of Senses 6Points Mallorca and it is already in the diary for 14th, 15th, and 16th May 2021.

Take a look at the 6Points Facebook page for a blow by blow pictorial account of the 3 days, and why not join us next year as a rider, or join our team of volunteers

Images : Philip Rogan