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The Mallorcan Culinary Experiences

No Visiting Foodie Can Afford to Miss.


 You’ve snoozed on Mallorca’s golden beaches, frolicked in the island’s turquoise waters and imbibed enough local vino to sink a llaüt*. However, you haven’t truly experienced the star of the Mediterranean unless you’ve also sampled the island’s mouth-watering culinary riches.

Read on to discover which quintessentially Mallorcan bakeries, bars and market stalls are our perennial favourites, for anything from the most flavoursome pa amb olis to the softest, fluffiest ensaïmadas. Bon profit!

Can na Toneta: for the tastiest coca on Mallorca

Coca de verduras o trampó, Mallorca.

Tuck into a deliciously tasty local flat bread called coca at any market stall, and you’ll instantly fall for this delicacy. Try one of chef Maria Solivellas’ versions, however — still warm and heaped with unique local ingredients — and you’ll arguably never forget the experience. Yes, they’re that good.

Sisters Maria and Teresa are the dream duo behind Can na Toneta, a rustic-chic restaurant which uses local and organic produce to serve superlative Mallorcan cuisine. Named after grandma Toneta, the restaurant invites you to linger over six courses, one of which features the typically Mallorcan ‘coca’.

Pa amb oli: the local staple that spawned its own crawl

still life pa amb oli ingredients typical of Mallorca, Spain

Most Mallorcans — and just about every expat on the island — have one favourite snack above all others: the humble pa amb oli. Comprising coarse bread —rubbed with the native ramallet tomato— olive oil and local salt flakes, the pa amb oli always hits the spot, no matter the time of day. The Mallorcan staple has even spawned its own crawl, La Ruta Pa amb Oli. The route takes you around Palma’s cobbled backstreets and gives you the opportunity to sample modern takes on the pa amb oli and soak up the old town’s buzzy vibe.

Treat yourself to an ensaïmada, a spiral pastry emblematic of Mallorca

man serving ensaimada typical of Mallorca, Spain

Grill a group of Mallorcans about their favourite sweet treat and the humble ensaïmada, a light pastry dusted with icing sugar, will come up time and again. Getting them to agree on where to buy the tastiest version of the island-favourite is also a no-brainer: Horno Santo Cristo. The classic bakery is always heaving, as passers-by simply can’t resist popping in. The old-school bakery has been firing up the local speciality since 1910 and offers a choice of 16 fillings ranging from dulce de leche to white chocolate with nuts.

 Order a tapa of tumbet at Palma’s Mercat de Santa Catalina

"Tumbet",plato tipico mallorquin. Mallorca. Baleares.España.

Spanish mercados have always been the go-to places for simple, local food, and Palma’s Mercat de Santa Catalina is no exception. Here, visitors arrive every afternoon to graze from stalls selling anything from Spanish tortillas to slices of ‘tarta de almendra’. Head to one of the traditional Mallorcan stalls and ask for a portion of tumbet (or “tombet”). The quintessentially Mallorcan recipe combines fried aubergines, potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes with olive oil and garlic: a flavoursome combo sure to make your taste buds sing. Naturally, wherever there’s sustenance in this land, the opportunity to sip on a chilled glass of verdejo is never too far away…

* A llaüt is the Balearics’ traditional fishing boat.

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