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The launch of the SOVREN CREW APP   

In The Islander, November 2020, SOVREN Group first announced the launch of their pioneering yacht crew recruitment system and rewards programme.  The crew element of the advanced system launched successfully that month and the facility for the yachts and yacht profiles followed earlier this year.

As planned, the app is ready to go live and bring the full service of SOVREN Crew to the palm of your hand.

The programme idea is from the mind of Stephen White, founder of SOVREN Group and CEO, who, as a former superyacht captain, identified the requirement of an advanced and rapid crew search facility, easy to use and providing targeted results instantaneously.

As with all initiatives within SOVREN Group, the concept is for simplicity, removing the hassle that is often associated with yacht ownership, yacht management and yacht crew recruitment.

How does the system benefit CREW?

Crew are rewarded for being part of the SOVREN Crew network, with points awarded for activity within their account, from location check-in to updating qualifications, thus easily maintaining an accurate and up to date profile. The crew benefits from an automated individual CV built within the system from the information they provide, including unique features such as the SOVREN ‘reality CV’ service of video presentation and the SOVREN Personality Assessment (SPA).

By updating their profile directly with any new information, an immediately available and well-designed CV format is displayed through the app along with a shareable format. The CV is integrated into a superior search facility, placing the ideal candidate to the attention of the employer within minutes.

Using the app, the candidate can update their photograph, refresh their video CV, add their location, show their availability for work, upload a certificate and amend their SOVREN CV with ease.

The location facility and ‘active search’ status encourages regular check in to let their crew manager know where they are and if they are actively seeking a role. A traffic light system represents availability and is easily switched to green, amber or red to indicate their interest in new roles and to inform of their status.

Notifications are flexible depending on the involvement each individual crew requires and can bring immediate attention to active vacancies in their area.

The reward points are to be redeemed annually with choices of training packages, charitable donations and new product and gear promotions. Should the reward points be unused by the end of the year, SOVREN’s chosen charities will benefit and each new year will start the reward points system with a fresh balance.

The crew profile and automated CV can only ever be as good as the information the individual crew can provide; the rewards programme is encouragement to help them build a detailed and professional profile thus ultimately helping themselves get noticed and selected for the best roles.

How does the system benefit the yacht and employer?

The complex simplicity of the system allows for a rapid response from a well maintained database of active crew, assigned with star ratings to ensure the crew manager’s selection of candidates meet the role requirements instantly. From the first briefing of what the yacht and captain requires, well-chosen candidates will arrive in their inbox or the yacht profile of the app within minutes, with a CV presented in both a standard and ‘reality cv’ format, thus bringing the candidate directly in front of the decision maker, traditionally and virtually.

Safeguarding a crew, the yacht owner and guests onboard is paramount throughout the industry. The SOVREN system has an integrated security name check facility that will check the candidate against records held by organisations such as Interpol and lists that include Politically Exposed Persons.

The aim of any good crew manager is longevity and the SOVREN Crew team will use their industry and personal knowledge of candidates, supported the SOVREN Personality Assessment technology to build a team that will work together harmoniously with a strong shared work ethic to benefit all onboard, including the yacht owner and guests.

Throughout all SOVREN Group activity they demonstrate how they value their clients and within their yacht crew division this is no exception. Rewards are provided to the yacht based on annual spend, with further incentives for the yacht to join the SOVREN Advantages programme, retaining the crew management team on a monthly payment with guarantees of service throughout the year regardless of how many placements are required. Rewards earned by spend are redeemed through professional services provided by SOVREN Group or free spend vouchers.

Within the app, a profile can be built for the yacht, featuring crew history, vacancy information and interview options at the push of a button or the swipe of a finger. Engage, discard or appoint in one quick movement; save for later, watch again or disregard as you see fit.

The ease of use and aptitude of the programme has never been seen before in this field and will refresh and rejuvenate an industry that has held on to traditional methods of recruitment for too long.

For further information on the system and how you, your yacht and your crew can benefit, contact Warren Groombridge on +34 971 677 785, to arrange a virtual presentation, a personal visit to the yacht or an appointment at the Palma office at Carrer d’Espartero 8, 07014 Palma. Email: