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The Gap Counselling will be hosting a charity football match

Saturday 23rd April, to support men’s wellbeing here in Mallorca.

The idea behind the event was to encourage men to talk about real-life issues that they may be facing and by centering it around a football match, we felt it would be a more natural environment for men to understand about their wellbeing. On the day, there will be accredited counsellor Gary Napier from The Gap Counselling, talking about men’s mental health and a speaker from the Cancer Support Group, to talk about the types of cancer that men come by and how they can prevent them.

Whether it is physical, emotional or mental, difficulties, men sometimes find it hard to talk about such issues. We are hoping that event will not only be an entertaining day, but it will allow space for the guys to understand that they are not alone in the battles they face.

Since the island has a large yachting industry, we also thought it would be a good idea to develop some friendly competition by forming two 11-a-side teams; between the land based ‘Street Angels’ and the sea based ‘Yachties’. Keeping within the theme, proceeds will be split between three charities; Street Angels, Cancer Support Group (CSG) and Yachting Gives Back.

The matches will take place between 12:00 and 14:00 at the Camp de Futbol Son Ferrer (Carrer Tudó, 1, 07181 Son Ferrer, Illes Balears) with a BBQ afterwards. Please see the leaflet for further details.

The Gap Counselling was set up by founder Gary Napier, whose passion is to bring freedom to others. His role as a counsellor, is to come alongside people and help them overcome their ‘pain,’ so they may have a ‘hope’ and ‘purpose’ for their life. Gary’s counselling sessions offer a ‘safe’ space, whereby clients feel comfortable to share openly without any fear of feeling judged, criticised, or ashamed. His non-judgmental attitude, natural warmth, and empathetic listening skills, make Gary one of the top counsellors to work with on the island. He specialises in relationships, anxiety, anger management, addiction and self-esteem.

Street Angels Spain, is a charity which helps vulnerable people in Magaluf during the summer months between the hours of 3-7am. Many young people come to Magaluf to have a good time, but so often find themselves alone, lost, or hurt, during their stay. Although their intention is to have fun; with cheap drink and drugs it can turn out to be the opposite. Magaluf can be a dangerous place at night, so the Street Angels will patrol the streets and walk tourists back to their hotels, assist people after they have been ill, help to connect them with their friends and in more serious cases, remain with them until emergency services arrive. Street Angels is run by Gary and Sarah Napier.

Cancer Support Group Mallorca, helps anyone who has been affected by cancer. CSG’s aim to make sure no one has to go through cancer alone. They provide a vast range of services, including, email or telephone support, drop-in centres throughout Mallorca. free counselling services for patients and relatives, help for patients with hospital transport, workshops, nutritional and nursing advice and help with the Spanish legal system; to name but a few.

Rebecca Upton is the coordinator of Cancer Support Group.

Yachting Gives Back is a charity which accumulates items and donations from the yachting industry which are stored in a container in STP port, and then distributed out to various charities across the island. YGB collects food, toiletries, cleaning materials, clothing, and bedding. They have also been involved in raising financial support for larger projects such as soup kitchens and homeless shelters. “The yachting industry is surrounded by incredible luxury and it’s very easy to forget that people are struggling right on our doorstep,” – Nick Entwisle, the founder of Yachting Gives Back.

If you’re interested in supporting this event or attending, please do let me know

The Gap Counselling