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Ready, Set, Go!

The season is upon us, we are heading out to all corners of the Mediterranean on a mission to please our customers.

Is your AV and IT gear ready?

Either you have given the system a good overhaul over the winter months, possibly installed new gear, or you were happy with it and are running another season with the same setup. In both cases there are some core items that you want to keep an eye on, like keeping the engine well-greased to ensure you don’t have any unforeseen seizures (both technically or emotionally!!)

So, on your checklist, have you:

  • Ensured that all filters and ventilation paths are clean and cleared (have a look at that grill on your Computer, or the front of the UPS case)
  • Checked that the UPS batteries have not expired and are actually charging (just like your navigation batteries and communications batteries!)
  • Cables are properly plugged in to the devices and secured so small movements don’t cause issues. Is the cable clean and tied properly (avoid those cable spider nests!)
  • Have you done a visual inspection on the antennas? Looked inside the satellite dome that its clean, no visible corrosion. All the whip antennas dotted around the canopy, are they in good condition, no loose screws, or cracks on them.
    (It’s worth checking antenna cables at the base, if you see any green corrosion on them the cable is damaged somewhere.. chafe or bad joint!
  • Do you have documentation to hand, drawings and help files. Are they updated and in such a way that you understand what is shown / written?
  • Have you checked your IT network that all the Wifi Aps are up and functioning, that the server is connected?
  • Are all your remote-control devices working, iPads charged and responding, latest software updates loaded! Cordless phones connected and can you call from and/or to them?
  • Are all your software licences up to date (Kerio, Peplink just a few to keep an eye on)
  • Do you know where to go to find out where to watch that sports program the guest wants to see!
  • Have you got your SIM cards in order? Are you getting a good deal? The prices have come crashing down and the limitation boundaries are getting broken. Are you getting such a good deal?!?

And finally, have you got the phone numbers of those who can help you out, be it the integrator that installed it all, the IT company that gives you connectivity service or a helping hand that is simply smart and good at helping you out on a pinch? (mine is +34652260777)

Every vessel has their own special setup, and every vessel will require more attention to detail in one area over another. So, this list is a basis to work from, but it’s well worth making a checklist that works for you. Something that you can go through at intervals, just to ensure you don’t get caught off guard when the crunch moment comes!


This article was written by Tim Gorter, Virtual AVIT ETO,
I provide a Virtual AV/IT ETO support, and I am looking out to helping you in any technical requirements, to make sure you get the best out of the AV & IT system onboard. I want to make sure you understand how it works, and that it works as advertised. Call for an AV & IT health check, more on

by Tim Gorter, AV/IT/Wi-Fi Virtual AVIT ETO (