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Sustainably promoting Mallorca


TOURISM, as we know it, often keeps people from experiencing and knowing the real destination behind the resort. Mallorca is no exception, with most tourists not venturing to get to know the rest of the island. Alternatives began to be offered with the growth of rural tourism in the 1990s which showed visitors another side of the island, namely Mallorca’s countryside.


Official figures from 2014 show that 13,524,502 visited the Balearic Islands that year and whilst official figures for 2015 have still not been published, it is believed that last year Mallorca alone received more than 8,500,000 guests. Whilst most spent their holidays in hotels, benefitting greatly the hotel chains, there is now a growing movement away from such resorts with visitors wanting to get to know the real Mallorca.

Leadership in change Spain

An interesting option for our more adventurous visitors is the offer of retreats and activity filled holidays which are growing in popularity and are available for locals and residents too.


One company offering such an alternative is Mallorca Retreat, a Berlin based company owned by Chris Apitius, organising holidays with a difference. I caught up with Chris recently to ask him about his company, as well as why he does what he does and his answers delighted me!


“I came to Mallorca some years ago to work for a company offering corporate incentives. Although the standard being offered was high, with five star hotels, top quality restaurants and interesting activities, I saw that the participants weren’t really experiencing Mallorca and could have been in any 5 star hotel or restaurant, anywhere in the world!” explained Chris. “As my own experience with Mallorca has been getting to know about her through the locals’ eyes and enjoying the beautiful countryside and the incredibly interesting customs, I wanted to show visitors what the real Mallorca is like and offer a stay here that is enriching and interactive.”


Chris is one of many people who so love Mallorca that they want others to know that the island is much more than sun, sand, sea and sangria! He puts together retreats and adventure holidays that allow visitors to meet real Mallorcans, experience local customs and stay in fincas that show the real Mallorca, with a touch of modern comforts to truly appreciate a rest in paradise.


Breathspiration is another company offering something different. Their holidays are based around scuba diving and yoga, as well as yoga teacher training. Visitors not only get to explore and relax but they learn things too. Started by Hungarian, Andrea Forzis a couple of years ago, Breathspiration offers bespoke holidays welcoming visitors from all over Europe.


“I love Mallorca,” said Andrea, “So much so that I made it my home! I want people to know that it’s more than just its reputation of Magalluf and that it offers a sophisticated experience – culturally, socially and naturally.”


Perhaps self-development on holiday is more to your liking? There is plenty on offer. with meditation classes and philosophy groups held every week by locals and foreigners alike. One new and exciting workshop coming later this month is being organised by Waltraud Idir of Embrace Cooperation Limited from London. The workshop, Leadership in Change, will take place over a weekend and Waltraud chose the setting of Mallorca because, “It’s easily accessible from London, plus the weather’s a lot better!   I am also fascinated by what’s going on there right now, as there seem to be many initiatives which seem very innovative and unique.”


Over the course of the weekend the topics of changes in society and economics will be on the agenda and the workshop will attempt to tap into participants’ potentials to grow beyond the influences of what’s going on in the world today. “Mallorca is special and conducting the workshop there is going to very special indeed” shared Waltraud.




Workshop Leadership in Change, April 22-24, more information from


8 day spiritual Mallorca retreat adventure, from April 23-30, more information from


Urban vinyasa flow with outdoor sports retreat, May 14-21, more information from


By Glynis German

Presenter of The Happiness Café Radio Show (Mondays 10am Mallorca Sunshine Radio 106.1FM)