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Rialto Living Rugs

Stewardess’ Pick of the Month from RIALTO LIVING

Our favourite lifestyle store in Palma!

Rugs are an essential part of a superyacht’s interior decoration. They suit any area, define a room, and bring a space to life. But that’s not all. Aside from transforming a room’s look, the cosy floor coverings help create a relaxing and inviting living area.

Contemporary superyacht saloons often feature hard-edged materials like wood, marble, and metal. Snug, voluminous rugs offer warmth and softness, transforming a space from ‘showroom-cold’ to cosy-chic in an instant.

Rialto Living, the go-to store when we’re talking style, has you and your yacht’s floor covered. Browse the second floor, and find a whole room dedicated to the world’s most gorgeous rugs. Marvel over playful, vibrantly coloured rugs, dreamt up by American designers Dash & Albert. Fresh and fabulous, their indoor and outdoor rugs come in cotton, wool, and jute. For you and your feet, they are a match made in heaven.

Another type of rug you can find in Rialto Living —one that needs no introduction— is the traditionally stunning kelim. The flat woven carpets’ bright hues —think, azure, saffron, or tangerine— and geometric patterns, suit minimalist environments perfectly. Kelims are hand-made with a talent honed over generations, using natural materials. Even the yarns’ colouring comes from plants and minerals.

With their earthy tones and softness, oriental rugs are perfect for adding warmth and atmosphere to a yacht’s cool teak decks. The rugs’ knots are individually tied by artisans in far-flung places like India, Iran, and Tibet, creating the kind of intricate patterns and stunning designs you can’t help but fall in love with.

And if you’ve got your own Palma pad and are looking for a rug to zhoosh up

your Mallorcan tiles, look no further. No matter your style, Rialto Living is sure to have a rug in the shape, size, pattern, and colour with your name all over it.

Palma’s Rialto Living, conveniently located on Carrer Sant Feliu 3, is just a stone’s throw away from STP and sells a wide selection of eye-catching super yacht must-haves. Have a snoop around and see for yourself. And if you make a purchase, don’t forget to flash your STP (or other) entry card so you can relax in their leafy, oasis-like café and sip on a complimentary “cafe con leche” before you head back to the boat.

Photos: Pär Olsson courtesy of Rialto Living