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Stewardess’ Pick of the Month from RIALTO LIVING

Our favourite lifestyle store in Palma! 

Ever bolted upright out of bed, just as you’re drifting off to sleep, with an incredible idea? A plot for a yachting novel or movie, perhaps?  Or maybe a genius business idea? Don’t let your great ideas slip away! Treat yourself to one of Rialto Living’s notebooks and those brilliant thoughts need never be forgotten.

Rialto Living has a large array of trusted scribblers to record your thoughts and get your creative juices flowing, all specially selected to boost your creativity with gorgeous covers. The store’s selection includes everything from soft pads to keep in your back pocket to hardcover books that will last until the end of the season. Channelling your inner screenwriter/author/entrepreneur may be just the ticket to cheering you up during testy days on board.

On the subject of being cheered up, everyone loves hearing the soft thud of mail dropped on the doormat — especially on birthdays! Whether slipped across the crew mess table or pulled from a postbag halfway across the globe, a birthday card sends its recipient a lovely annual reminder of your friendship. Rialto Living stocks a colourful array of smile-inducing birthday (and other) cards for you to choose from. A far cry from the cheesy variety you find in supermarkets, the store’s fridge-worthy cards feature original captions and stylish illustrations. Stock up and have a few cards on the ready, so you’ll never again need to sweat it when discovering it’s a crew member or guest’s birthday!

Palma’s Rialto Living, conveniently located on Carrer Sant Feliu 3, is just a stone’s throw away from STP and sells a wide selection of eye-catching super yacht must-haves. Have a snoop around and see for yourself. And if you make a purchase don’t forget to flash your STP (or other) entry card so you can relax in their leafy, oasis-like café and sip on a complimentary ‘cafe con leche’ before you head back to the boat.

Rialto Living

Sant Feliu 3

Palma de Mallorca

+34 971 71 33 31


Photos: Pär Olsson courtesy of Rialto Living