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Shop front of Rialto living store Palma

Stewardess’ Pick of the Month from RIALTO LIVING

Our favourite lifestyle store in Palma! 

Basket Bags

Basket Bags

From cosmopolitan Palma to pretty Pollenca, Mallorcan straw baskets, or ‘cestas’ in Spanish, are everywhere on the island. You can spot them on the shoulders of octogenarians browsing market stalls, on the arms of busy professionals on the way to their next meeting, and beside cocktail-sipping fashionistas. The bona fide island it-bag, available with short or long leather handles, has been used and loved by old, young, male and female Mallorcans since time immemorial. Let us talk you through the cesta’s many uses, just in case you have yet to jump on the basket’s irresistible bandwagon.

For busy stewardesses on-the-job

Us super stews are busy gals on the go. From trips to uniform suppliers and shopping sessions that involve clearing out entire shelves in the supermarket, we regularly take our shopping trips to another level. Although size hugely matters when it comes to shopping bags, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Rialto Living’s collection of treasures include the strongest, super-size basket bags, perfect to accompany busy stewardesses ashore.

For guest trips to the beach

Beach bags are an essential part of a superyacht’s set-up and the first thing we do when prepping for a trip to the beach is pack a number of those handy hold-alls. Beach bags need to have plenty of room for sun cream, towels, snacks, drinks, and all sorts of other bits and bobs. But while we need space and practicality, we also want a bag that is stylish enough for guest use. We can assure you that Rialto Living’s varied selection of eye-catching straw bags ticks all the boxes.

If a standard handbag is just not going to cut it

If we’re talking bags large enough to hold everything from clothes to an extra phone charger, it is a job cut out for the basket bag. Cestas carry all of our must-haves without that bursting-at-the-seams bloat our other bags experience when we try cramming the entirety of our busy lives into them. Simply put: the cesta gets us. It sympathizes with the fact that little bags are lovely but can barely fit your cell phone, let alone your water bottle, hoodie and iPad.

Other summery bags we love at Rialto Living are ‘the Jacksons’ jute bags. These summery hold-alls range from navy blues to hot pinks -colours to enliven any trip to the beach, gym, or shops. Bags are playfully adorned by words in many languages like: ‘Ciao’ or ‘Soleil,’ and the loose weave of the completely sustainable jute makes the bags light, flexible, and highly durable.

Rialto Living, conveniently located on Calle Sant Feliu 3, is just a stone’s throw away from Palma’s STP and sells a wide selection of eye-catching super yacht must-haves. Have a snoop around and see for yourself. And if you make a purchase don’t forget to flash your STP (or other) entry card so you can relax in their leafy, oasis-like café and sip on a complimentary ‘cafe con leche’ before you head back to the boat.

Photography: Pär Olsson / Rialto Living