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Stewardess’ Pick of the Month from RIALTO LIVING

Our favourite lifestyle store in Palma! 

 Did you know that the trays you use daily to serve the guests have a bit of a dark history? Serving trays originate from mid-seventeenth century England which is when they were called salvers and used to serve food or drink to royalty. Kings hired tasters to test each dish (because poisoning, obvs) before it reached the royal mouth and the salver was used to show that the meal was now, literally, fit for a king.

Even though toffee-nosed guests and owners with more money than manners don’t need to worry about someone slipping a little arsenic in their glass of vintage champagne (right guys and girls?) the tray is still indispensable to us superheroes of service. Whether it’s a large rattan tray to help you set the aft deck table for lunch, or a dainty little silver tray to hold a single glass of sparkling wine, trays are arguably a stewardess’ most used item on board. In fact, this is why I once had a carpenter make a lovely set of trays, each fitted into the other like those Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls. Even though there were about 6 of them, the captain threw a right fit when he received the invoice after completion. If only I’d known about Palma’s go-to store Rialto Living, I wouldn’t have had to hear about my budgeting blunder for the rest of the season!

Rialto Living arguably boast the island’s largest and most varied selection of high-quality trays. They range from trays so small they would suit to serve a single bonbon to ones that could carry a small whale. You’ll find stunning oak ones, fresh rattan ones, as well as marbled beauties and stylish stone versions.

Rialto Living, conveniently located on Calle Sant Feliu 3, is just a stone’s throw away from Palma’s STP and sells a wide selection of eye-catching super yacht must-haves. Have a snoop around and see for yourself. And if you make a purchase don’t forget to flash your STP (or other) entry card so you can relax in their leafy, oasis-like café and sip on a complimentary ‘cafe con leche’ before you head back to the boat.

Rialto Living

C. Sant Feliu 3

Palma de Mallorca

+34 971 71 33 31



Photography: Sofia Winghamre