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Spanish boat registrations on the up..


ANEN reveals boat market statistics for March 2014


ANEN, the Spanish marine trade association, has revealed that 283 new boats were registered in March, a 15.5% increase compared to the same month a year ago.


The announcement follows the February report of a 5% increase in new boat registrations.


Carlos Sanlorenzo, ANEN’s secretary general, comments: “The latest monthly statistics show a positive trend for the first quarter of 2014. We expect this year’s boating season to be much better than 2013.”


The report is based on the monthly statistics report issued by the Spanish Merchant Marine authority. The report shows 660 boats registered from January to March 2014, a 5.7% increase compared to the 624 boats in 2013.


In addition, the authority has revealed the registration of 1,262 pre-owned boats, an 18% increase compared to the 1,069 boats in March 2013.


In the three-month period up to March, the second-hand market registered 3,437 boats, a 9.8% increase compared to same period last year.


Motorboat registration in the three-month period was 2,654 (14.2% up from 2013), sailing boats 334 (down 10.93% from 2013), and 331 RIBs (up 8.25% from 2013).


In boat size terms, the registration of boats ranging from 12m-16m (39ft-52ft) increased by 13.7% compared to same period in 2013.




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