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Raw Food


Tell Me What You Eat and I Will Not Only Tell You Who You Are But Where You Are Going.

I don´t Eat Any Thing That Has Eyes.Sir Paul MaCartney.

Different Diets.

There are many different diets and varieties but we have decided to choose the main ones of the moment

Meat Diet

All red meats, pork, cow, sheep, goat, wild animals, farmed chicken, free range chicken, wild birds and fishes, shell fish, snails or any other animal that either walks, jumps, swims or crawls or flies. Meat eaters can include any other foods in their diet.

More often that not  an animal consuming diet needs to be balanced out with an intake of sweets. Its a way of compensating the extreme yang-meat that needs the extreme yin-sugar.

The only thing is that the organism suffers immensely in order to process the food.


This is a vegetarian diet based on vegetables, legumes, greens, fruits, dried fruits and seeds but also includes eggs and dairy products.


Includes cereals, vegetables legumes, greens, fruits, dried fruits and seeds

A vegetarian diet does not include fish nor fowl which seems obvious but some people seem to thing that fish and fowl are “vegetable” Not true?…some restaurants will sell you a vegetarian sandwich made with tuna or even with ham!.It seems absurd that they call them vegetarian sandwiches but they do!The vegetarian diet includes raw food and cooked

Raw Food

Is based on consuming all foods in their natural state. Vegetables, greens, legumes, seeds, fruits and nuts. Some of the foods may be dehydrated or “cooked” in the sun or dried below 42º.Kefir could be included if its raw.


A vegan diet is based on exclusivly vegetable, greens, legumes, seeds, and nuts and does not include any foods derived from animals. It can include dehydrated or cooked foods.

Raw Vegan Food

Is based on eating all raw and no foods derived from animals

Pranic Diet

Is based on exclusively taking the energy and prana from the sun which is the universal energy that can be absorbed by the correct understanding of breath, in some cases water could be taken.We have included this diet because there are hundreds of people in the world who are experiencing this. I personally know of three people. There are many testimonials of people who do not need to depend on food in order to live! Alleluia!

Everything that we eat, breath or drink leaves a residue. The sun rays are the only fountain of food that does not leave a residue in the body.

The other different diets are phases of evolution, going from one to another a transition time is required. In my experience first I stopped eating fish and meat and became a vegetarian, then I left the dairy and became “macrobiotic”that helped me “cure” chronic fatigue syndrome.

I think that the macrobiotic way of eating has been an important evolution for the human being. People who were ill  and tried the macrobiotic way healed because they left out all the junk food but for me macrobiotic is food without life, it does not have the vital live force that we require like the Raw Food. The world leaders of Macrobiotic have all died with cancer……..

When someone makes a transition whether it’s from meat to vegetarian or vegetarian to raw it is important that you get expert advice first and even more to know that that person is experienced in his her field, this way you will not be missing out on the important nutrients.

Exert from Chapter 2 the book in Spanish -La Comida Con Vida .

Author Beverley Pugh.

Beverley Pugh. Hippocrates Health Educator-Raw Food Chef Coach & Therapist

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