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12247895_10153275567633526_8319067351635177568_oFollowing another successful GUEST Awareness Workshop last month on the 19th November, hosted at the Miele HQ in Amsterdam and showcased by the professional GUEST approved trainers, it’s safe to say that all who attended were blown away by both the incredible facilities and the true value and insight of the PYA GUEST Program.

A variety of fun and interactive workshops were run throughout the day, including use of the amazing Miele Laundry training facilities, a variety of service styles, importance of etiquette and crew / guest interaction, management skills, food safety awareness and of course glass tasting! (Yes glass tasting….with some amazing wines involved!)

The feedback we had has certainly highlighted how impressed everyone was with the venue and the GUEST team, and succeeded in highlighting the enormous potential the program has to make to make a significant, positive impact on all those involved in the superyacht industry, from yacht owners to managers and of course to the crew themselves.

A few quotes from the attendees who joined us says it all:

  • “Outstanding insight to GUEST in perfect facilities”.
    • “Great range of topics covered from the technical to the practical – both classroom and interactive”
    • A few people indicated they “found it more interesting than expected and that it had exceeded the expectations”.
    • Some said they “didn’t realise there was so much involved with interior training”
    • “We need to raise the industry and owner expectations so that only the best is accepted’
    • “It’s hard to understand why this training has not been there before”
    • “Currently many people feel that the level of training IS ok, however there are obviously a lot of pit falls and today (GUEST Awareness Day) has highlighted quite a few”
    • “I have already pushed to increase training budget for interior department on-board following this workshop”
    • “I will be reminding people that this industry is about the owner – so crew managers and brokers won’t let their crew get away with mediocre service”

Screenshot 2015-12-26 15.26.46All this would not have been possible without the support from our sponsors who included Miele Marine for the outstanding facilities, Neko for the wonderful lunch full of amazing delights and insight to the provisions available, Riedal for the fascinating acumen of Glass tasting and the yummy wines, and for the funding from Glancy & Fawcett, MYBA the Worldwide Yachting Association, Warsash Superyacht Academy, Bluewater Yachting and support and endorsements from ISS and SYBAss, all who parallel the high end levels of excellence we are showcasing within the GUEST training program.

The superyacht industry as a whole provides and endorses “excellence” in every aspect of the industry; from design to build, and from shore support to products and supplies. However the need to better support and endorse training for the very people who are charged with taking care of and showcasing these products of excellence to the owners continues to be overlooked.

It’s time now for the whole industry to understand that, without properly-trained and professional “front line” crew, the show falls apart.  Whilst millions of dollars are spent on all other facets, the fundamental aspect of undergoing interior crew training, which essentially creates the owners’ experiences, has been left up to inexperienced individuals to decide whether or not they feel they need it.

If we want a professional industry from top to bottom we must ensure that those individuals who are expected to provide excellence in service are encouraged and fully supported in being able to do so.

We cannot currently make interior training a mandatory requirement, but as a sector we do have the influence and responsibility to make this training an industry-led need, to ensure that excellence is being universally delivered. It is for this reason that it is essential that heads of industry, Associations and those who provide the highest quality of service and supplies in every other aspect of the sector are supporting the PYA with the GUEST program to allow the full alignment of excellence to take place.


The GUEST program has been carefully written and developed by industry professionals and provides a much-needed bespoke platform of education to Interior Crew. With a large number of renowned training providers worldwide accredited by the PYA to offer this training, we are in a strong positon to improve and professionalize this department.

A huge thank you to all those who attended and to the wonderful hard working and professional trainers who made this day possible…

Joey Meen

Director of Training & Certification on behalf of the Professional Yachting Association