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PURESPACE sanitation – One Clean Mallorca

Safe, Simple, Effective!

Established in Greece in the 1960’s, then opening an office in Monaco, One Clean serves the yachting industry along the French and Italian Rivieras. We are now proud to announce our presence in Mallorca. One Clean Mallorca will cover all the Balearic Islands, offering the yachting industry the PureSpace sanitising system, as well as their premium cleaning services.

Using up-to-the-minute technology, PureSpace disinfects, sanitises and purifies air and surfaces by

destroying bacteria. It is safe to use on-board luxury yachts and private jets with their delicate fabrics and interiors. As the system nebulises a completely dry mist into the atmosphere it ensures uniform coverage and efficacy. With no residues, PureSpace is safe to use in electronic environments.

PureSpace neutralises bacteria and viruses, including Covid 19 and is already used extensively in hospitals in over 100 countries. In addition, organic smells are removed and areas are left completely sanitised, giving peace of mind to yacht owners, their guests, crews and charter fleet operators.

Using the latest technological advances in medical hygiene PureSpace delivers the following benefits:

• Sanitises, purifies and deodorises both air and surroundings

• Non allergenic, odourless and poses no risk to humans or the environment

• Safe on all surfaces, including electronic devices, without corroding or oxidising

• Absolutely dry mist with no humidity or residues either visible or invisible

• Effective against mould and 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Covid 19

PureSpace has the ability to combat common viral problems including Coronavirus and eradicate the

bacteria that can cause issues with hygiene and associated odours.

One Clean Mallorca, based in the south west of Mallorca, are ready with a 24 / 7 service to offer PureSpace sanitisation treatments to yachts, private jets, limousines and villas, giving peace of mind and a secure hygienic environment to their clients. Our services are also available in Ibiza.

The solution is certified as a European biocide device. Produced and manufactured to standards set out in European law, once a treatment is completed a certificate of sanitisation will be provided. For further information please contact us.

Vanessa Day

One Clean Mallorca

Tel: +34 660 230 961