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Professional structures on pleasure craft

Perhaps the term pleasure craft should be used more often, because it says clearly what a yacht is supposed to provide. Private yachts are acquired by owners to add pleasure to their life and charter yachts share that pleasure with those who pay the admission fee.

Code of practise for yachts

At Invisible Crew we are fully geared towards assuring that the ownership experience remains pleasurable. To achieve this at the level that our clients and the standard and complexity of their yachts demand, professional structures have to be in place.

We provide these structures.

We provide carefully selected crew and brief them on the expected standards through our Code of Practice.

Contracts are set up to benefit career growth and perspective of longevity in mind.

We check in regularly with our crews to assure their wellbeing and to discuss their performance.

We check in regularly with the owners, at least after every visit to the yacht, to discuss their experience on board.

Additional crew for delivery or charter is provided by us, as well as their travel arrangements and contracts.

Staying on top of the yacht’s paper work, flag state requirements, insurance, commercial coding etc, is what our admin team does.

Between carefully selected providers we compare quotes looking for the best options for our clients.

The same goes for procurement or parts.

A highly important aspect of our structure is the maintenance plan software we use and how we follow up on the execution of maintenenace and repairs and associated record keeping. We organise biannual maintenance quiality checks with a designated engineer. This allows the captain / engineers the peace of mind that they haven’t overseen anything.

Our budget control helps the crew making the right purchase decisions and of course, keeps the numbers in check.

For some of our clients we also handle the complete financial operation for their yacht providing transparent breakdowns of all the numbers on a monthly basis.

We are lucky to say that business has been very good the last 18 months. However, Covid and Brexit have definitely not made any of our lives easier. Most of the challenges we face today related to Visas and Covid travel restrictions.

That’s why we decided to grow our team at the start of the year and that has turned out to be a very good decision!

Our crews and clients know that they have the support of our team with Kirsten in Mallorca, Dominique in Cape Town and Rebecca in Sydney.

With these structures and support in place, the crew can focus on their responsibilities on board.

The owners don’t have to solve any issues associated with yacht ownership because those land on our plate first.

Our systematic approach gives owners the piece of mind that their yacht is run efficiently.

Their return on investment? Added pleasure to their life or in other words, worry free Pocket Superyacht ownership!


Jens Oomes




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