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Bagels with smoked salmon and halloumi - Pollito cafe Portixol Palma

POLLITO – Brunch & More

Eggs & Chicken like you’ve never tasted before

Munching on one of the tastiest, most colourful “tostadas” ever, I thought to myself how blessed we are in Palma, and how spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out and, especially, brunches! The tostada in question consisted of roasted pumpkin, grilled halloumi cheese, walnuts and basil, served on toasted organic carob bread from the local artisanal bakery.

Toastada with smoked salmon and halloumi - Pollito Cafe, Portixol Palma de Mallorca  Huevo baja temberatura - Pollito Cafe, Portixol Palma de Mallorca

And the place in question was Pollito – an unpretentious, but excellent eatery in the heart of Portixol neighbourhood in Palma – known for its succulent roast chicken as much as the eclectic brunch selection.

Pollito Cafe Portixol Palma de Mallorca  Pollito Cafe Portixol Palma de Mallorca

I spoke briefly to the manager Nico and we arranged to meet again in a few days, with my colleague Ana, the photographer, to see and hear more about this interesting place. On the day we came the weather was not our friend, Ana was worried about the light for the photos (I think they still turned out great, don´t you?), and Nico was worried about being short staffed.

Still, we had an excellent morning! The food was as tasty as the last time and the service was great, despite being a few people down. Staff here, starting with Nico, are just so friendly that you feel like you have known them and been coming here for years. They remembered how I take my coffee, even though I was only here once before. That was impressive!

Pollito Cafe, Portixol Palma de Mallorca   Pollito Cafe, Portixol Palma de Mallorca

We started the day with the said coffee (provided by Mistral) and some fresh juices. I loved the name of their green juice: Detoxito! It was super tasty as well; made with apple, kale, celery and ginger. The other one, equally tasty, was Zanahorio – made with Soller oranges, carrots, apple and ginger. Woken up and refreshed, we were ready for our food. Another fiesta for both eyes and taste buds followed…

Brunch at Pollito Cafe, Portixol Palma de Mallorca   Brunch at Pollito Cafe, Portixol Palma de Mallorca

Nico recommended their “huevo baja temberatura”, which is basically an egg cooked at a very low temperature for 40 minutes or so. I have not tried this anywhere else, so I was curious as to why they were doing it like this. Nico told me that, prepared this way, an egg preserves its flavour and its nutritional value much more that if it was poached or made any other way. This egg was then served on an avocado toast, sprinkled with pistachio Dukkah (ground nuts topping), sun dried tomatoes and pomegranate seeds. Gorgeous to look at and scrumptious to eat! We also tried a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, made here with a slight twist in a way of some added pickles and horseradish sauce.

Cream cheese bagel - Pollito Cafe, Portixol Palma de Mallorca  Bagel with cream cheese - Pollito Cafe, Portixol Palma de Mallorca

While I was thoroughly enjoying my food, and Ana was photographing the atmosphere, Nico sat down with me for a quick chat, He told me that the place opened in the middle of the pandemic and somehow, against the odds, became an instant hit with the locals, to which tourists joined when they were allowed back onto the island. Their idea from the start has been to provide good quality, home-made organic food (as much as possible), from local and national providers. They are using seasonal produce and changing their menu every so often, to reflect that.

Pollito Cafe, Portixol Palma de Mallorca

Pollito is a part of the group of restaurants, including a well-known and popular Patrón Lunares in Santa Catalina in Palma and recently opened Brismar in Port d´Andratx. They offer take away as well, and can organise delivery to yachts with enough notice.

Well, I have certainly enjoyed both of my visits to Pollito and there are still plenty of things on their menu that I would love to try, so you are quite likely to spot me there at some point during brunch time.

Till next month…

Pollito café
Tel: +34 971 24 25 32
Web: https://pollitocafe.es/  – Brunch menu
E-mail: info@pollitocafe.com
C/ de la Sirena 1, Palma

Text: Mia Naprta
E-mail: mia.naprta@gmail.com
Instagram: @mianaprta

Photos: Ana Stan
E-mail: anam.stan@gmail.com
Web: https://anastan.es
Instagram: @anastan

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