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Oktoberfest Son Amar

Out and About in Mallorca

Pirates Adventures and Pirates Reloaded

Pirates Adventure

 Earlier this year, through this column, I met a painter who was also a dancer at the “Pirates”. I have heard about The Pirates Adventure show from friends with small children who were – without a fail – impressed with the story, the costumes and the skills of the dancers. The show was founded by Jaques Sasson and his daughter Cathy Sasson is now a head of the company. “The Pirates” have been seen by over 3 million people, over 30 years, and is one of the oldest continuous shows of this kind in the world.

Pirates Adventure

What I didn´t realise till Pablo told me about it is that there was also an adults-only show (bear with me on this one!) called Reloaded. Fast forward a few weeks and I am sitting in the arena with three friends and several hundreds of other people waiting for the spectacle to start. I was unsure what to expect, but I was drawn in right from the start – when three guys appeared amongst the crowd, rather than on the stage, and started drumming a very powerful tune and walking towards the stage, where two hours of magic would unfold…


What followed was a mixture of street dance moves, breath taking acrobatics, fire throwing, sassy pole dancing and a whole lot more. While the guys were mostly topless and the girls wore very skimpy outfits, the show continuously remained on a classy, arty side – unlike a lot that is typically going on in the surrounding neighbourhood of Magaluf. In any case, I was mesmerised by the skills of every single person I saw on that ship shaped stage. Also, I will never look at the human body in the same way, after seeing what these girls and guys were capable of doing with theirs.

Halloween Pirates

The Pirates are ending the season with a Halloween special, the trailer on social media looks incredible and there is still time to get your tickets… I, for one, will definitely be there!



 Son Amar: Dinner and a show in a 16th century finca


Son Amar is a large estate on the way from Palma to Soller, with a stunning 16th century finca. Many Mallorquines as well as foreigners have been coming here for a dinner and show for years. It is sometimes referred to as “the Las Vegas of the Balearic Islands”, but Son Amar is lot more than that. It is in fact “an artistic project of humble origins that with time has become a great entertainment centre”.

There are several distinct spaces in Son Amar and each of them has its own identity and atmosphere, so it can be easily adapted to different ideas The Sala magna or the Great Hall is the main theatre with a large capacity where international shows are put on. Some of rhe most well-known shows include ‘Vampírika’, ‘Hot Nights, Cool Moves’ and so on. The latest is Exibit 2.0, returning to Mallorca this season for the second time.

Exhibit is a cutting-edge experience with some of the world’s best artists in a modern take on a timeless classic. It is a feast for all senses… Daring stunts are combined with mesmerizing choreography and a cutting-edge soundtrack. If you are quick enough, you might just catch one of the last few shows, as it ends on the 1st of October. If you miss it, make note to visit Son Amar next season, when they will – no doubt – put another great show for us.

Meanwhile, if you prefer beer to art, but can´t quite make it to Germany this time of the year; there´s still something here for you. From the 30/09-2/10, every Friday and Saturday Son Amar will be hosting Oktoberfest – a mix of music beer and food in a gorgeous surrounding.



Cristal de Coco: jewellery inspired by mother earth and our precious Balearic Islands

Cristaldecoco Jewellery

Last month I interviewed the artist Pablo Bracaccini and I was intrigued by a pendant he was wearing. He told me that it was made by his girlfriend Karina. I looked at her Instagram and was instantly drawn to the colours and the style of jewellery she was making.

Karina is a trained Intensive Care nurse from Malaga, living in Mallorca for the past six years. She has been creative since she was little, but it was a small accident and a subsequent two months of sick leave (without use of one hand) that made her look into jewellery making. She started reading and watching videos on this subject and began making her first pieces out of epoxy resin. Karina has always been impressed with the nature that surrounds us and so it came naturally to her to start making pendants with stones, flowers and so on, immersed – or as she likes to say “conserved” – in resin. She saw it as one way of connecting with our ancestors. I particularly like her collection involving tiny stones which can be matched nicely with most outfits.

Karina´s packaging is also worth mentioning. She buys the pre-cut carton, puts it together herself, ties it with a string and then adds a personal touch to each order: a piece of dry plant, a dry flower, or a small drawing. Everything this young lady creates is cute and stylish, just like she is herself. Her jewellery nicely reflects her own personal style, which is relaxed and quite hippie.

When I ask Karina about her plans for the future, she tells me that she is looking into making her next collections with silver as well as gold plated pieces. Another goal is to open a joint space with her partner where they would both sell their art and connect with their customers more personally. For now, Karina is selling online; she is very active on social networks and most of her customers come through word of mouth. I suggest you check her pieces on Instagram and I am pretty sure you will find something you like.

 Instagram: @cristaldecoco

Mobile: +34 661 16 65 87

Text: Mia Naprta
Instagram: @mianaprta

Photos: Private archives