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Welcome to Mallorca

Out & About in Mallorca

Mark Julian Edwards and Stephanie Schulz: Faces of Mallorca

During one of their chats over a bottle of wine, Mark and Stephanie, two friends from England and Germany respectively, discovered that they both had an idea of telling “stories of people’s lives in an authentic and engaging way”. As they were based in Mallorca, the obvious choice was to tell stories of Mallorcans. This was back in 2018. Three years on – we have a beautiful book, containing sixty distinct stories about Mallorca and its people from all walks of life, from the last lighthouse keeper to Toni Nadal.

I caught up with Stephanie to find out more about this fascinating collection of interviews and photographs. She told me that in writing the book they both intended to tell the real story of Mallorca – through its people – away from the sun, sea and sand stereotype.

They started their journey by interviewing Baltasar Picornell, an atypical politician, President of Balearic Parliament back then, and it snowballed from there. People they interviewed started telling them who they should talk to next and each new subject was more interesting and engaging. Although it is incredibly difficult to pick favourite interviewees, Jordi Maranges, a musician and a gay activist, really stood out for Mark, while Stephanie was deeply moved by the conversations they had with Nuns of Santa Clara.

Mark and Stephanie state on their Facebook page that they “wanted to create a book that the Mallorcans themselves would be proud of and that would show visitors a different Mallorca, at a deeper level”. Leafing through the book´s 288 pages, I would say that they did a great job! Find Faces of Mallorca in English, German, Spanish and Catalan at all major bookstores in Palma as well as on Amazon. (287 words ex. title)

 Facebook: Faces of Mallorca

Instagram: @facesofmallorca



Cosmetica Natural SARA: sustainable, innovative and all around gorgeous cosmetics

Sara and Agustina Nannini, Argentinian sisters of Italian heritage now based in Mallorca, have swapped their careers – in law and customs office respectively – for starting a cosmetics line. I met them at a fair in Palma and I was instantly drawn by their stylish stand, innovative products and cheerful personalities.

They are both passionate about the environment, recycling and waste reduction. So, they decided to start making natural, organic, sustainable cosmetics, including shampoos, soaps and face and body creams. Many of their products are solid, making them perfect for travel, while reducing packaging, especially the use of plastic.

Sara tells me that one of their best sellers is a hair shampoo, again in a solid form. In fact, most of their products are solid, but when they have to use packaging they aim to avoid plastic and choose other materials instead.


You can find these lovely ladies and their products at various markets and fairs around the island. They are regular in Capdepera on Wednesdays and in Cala Ratjada on Saturdays. While their website is work in progress, you can place orders through their social media and they will send the products wherever in the world you may be at the time. Furthermore, if you are interested in getting all the cosmetics you need on board from Sara and Augustina, they will happily listen to your needs, suggest solutions, comprehensive quotes and personally deliver the orders around the island.

The sisters also offer workshops, where they tell you about and show you how to make some of their most popular products. This might be an interesting activity for both the crew and the guests, or in fact any group of friends interested in natural cosmetics. (286 words ex. title)

Facebook: SARA Cosmetica Natural

Instagram: @sara_cosmetica_natural

Mobile: +34 635 63 06 94

 Oro Vegetal Mediterraneo: unique jewellery made out of a gold coloured plant


Have you ever heard of vegetable gold? Well, I have not, until I stumbled upon a stand at a local craft market that was selling jewellery made out of Capim Dourado – a wild exotic plant found in a specific part of Brazil, whose natural golden colour lends its name to this unique material.


Oro Vegetal Mediterraneo brand is a brainchild of Regina, a former nurse with various non-for-profit organisations, and Borja, a former musician. Both are from Zaragoza, but are now based between    Mallorcas  Colonia de San Jordi and Ses Salines, where they have their workshop.

The brand´s idea is centred on travelling, crossing the Atlantic, bringing this exotic plant home and working with it to create beautiful wearable designs. Each of their collections is inspired by different places around The Mediterranean: Tarraco (using Mediterranean ceramic), Mallorca (using local pearls), Santorini (inspired by volcanic landscapes) etc.

The plant is used in its natural form; it is not treated in any way. The most important is harvesting it at the right point of its natural life cycle, for the best strength of the material and the brightest shade of gold. The advantage of this material over “typically used metals” is in the fact that it provokes no allergies, it does not lose colour and even the chunkiest of pieces are really lightweight.

Borja and Regina are making jewellery in their bohemian style, but if you had a particular design in mind they would happily work with you to make a piece of your dreams (limited only by ways in which the plant can be manipulated)! They are also open to offering tailor made workshops either in their space or yours. Don´t know about you, but I am definitely adding something from Oro Vegetal Mediterraneo onto my Christmas wish list! (299 words ex. title)

Instagram: @orovegetal_mediterraneo

Mobile: +34 656 31 48 95

Feature by Mia Naprta
Instagram: @mianaprta
Photos: Private archives