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Nourish’s wellbeing roundup

We’re putting the spotlight on local practitioners and business owners in the wellbeing sphere, with a few quickfire questions about their health habits and rituals. We love getting a glimpse into their daily lives and hearing what they have to say! This month we’re sharing our interview with Lilla & Peter, our favourite yogi duo based out of Palmanova. If you would like to see more ‘Health & Happiness’ interviews pop over to nourishtheguide.com.


Lilla and Peter are a yoga teacher couple and the founders of Our Yoga Mind. Their unique concept is to create mindful yoga experiences to connect with different elements of nature (earth, water and air). They offer Hatha Yoga classes on the beach or at Origin Palmanova, SUP Yoga classes during the summer, Partner & Acro Yoga classes, Full Moon Yoga with live music at night, and occasionally special workshops and retreats. They love to go beyond the asana practice and think about yoga as a form of spiritual and mental guidance. Because of this they always teach in a holistic way and are passionate about increasing the well-being of every individual who attends their classes.

What did you have for breakfast today?

 Our famous ‘Huel’ breakfast pancake (you can check it out on our Instagram!)

 What does your morning routine look like?

 We usually wake up around 6:30-7. We always leave our phones in the living room, so the first thing for me (Lilla) is to go out from the bedroom and switch off the alarm. Then I usually spend a couple of minutes on our terrace to observe the “sattvic” qualities of nature in the early morning. Then either Peter or I start to prepare our morning drinks: lemon water and celery juice followed by a golden milk or chai latte which we drink in bed while we do a guided meditation (20-30 minutes) and some pranayama practices. After that, we usually get ready for our classes on the beach.

What is your number one health habit?

Our daily meditation practice is the number one priority regarding our health. This makes a huge difference to the whole day and helps us to stay balanced with our body and mind and to make further conscious choices throughout the day. It helps us to gain clarity, to stay connected and grounded.

 What is your guilty pleasure?

 A good local raw honey.

What’s one book or podcast you’d recommend everyone read/listen to?

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

Cleanse to Heal by Anthony William (Medical Medium)

 In Mallorca, where is your favourite place to:

De-stress: One of the secluded beaches around us, and Formentor too

Move: Palmanova beach where you can find us almost every morning. It has such a stunning view when it’s empty.

Shop: Natura & Agromart

Dine: We can’t choose only one! Can Blanc, Max Garden, The Olive Tree, Saigon, El Baul – Portocolom, Il Chiringo

Stay: Hotel Rural Es Turo – we had an amazing time there surrounded by pure nature

You can find Our Yoga Mind’s current class schedule & upcoming retreats via their website or social media:


Insta: @ouryogamind

Fb: @ouryogamind

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