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Nourish’s Wellbeing Round-Up

This month we’re putting the Nourish spotlight on Juju Fluhrer – owner and co-founder of Pink Rhino gym (with partner Rob). Pink Rhino opened its doors in September and is introducing us to the functional bodybuilding method – bridging the gap between high-intensity CrossFit workouts and the progressive approach of more traditional bodybuilding methods. The conceptual gym space is not only fantastic for getting your sweat on, but also for fuelling your body with tasty healthy snacks and Mistral coffee at their onsite café.


Tell us a little bit about your business?

Rob and I always had a strong vision of the gym we wanted, with a more progressive and holistic approach than what most Functional Fitness places usually offer. Being Aussie, serving great coffee was non-negotiable. That’s how our project came together: a  conceptual place, where people can not only exercise in a smart and supported way but also share casual moments around coffee in our cosy Pink Rhino Cafe.

Training can be intimidating. We work hard to demystify it and welcome everyone by offering a training method applicable to every fitness level. Our sessions are designed in a progressive and non-competitive way, our goal is to build a strong community of supportive and like-minded people. And because fitness is more fun with some healthy treats, not only have we gathered snacks and drinks from our favourite brands, but we have recently opened our very own Smoothie Bar.

What did you have for breakfast today?

Our ‘Funky Coco Protein Smoothie’ (coconut whey, banana, ice, oat milk, peanut butter, coco crisps).

What does your morning routine look like?

Wake up around 7am, splash my face with cold water and brush my teeth. Meanwhile, my cats are pestering me to feed them. I do that, then I have a large glass of still water and ideally 3-5mins of breathing exercises. After that, it’s a shower with 1min cold water blast at the end. Then finally…coffee!

What is your number one health habit?

Training 3-5 times a week at Pink Rhino. How is that for self-promotion? 😉

What is your guilty pleasure?

We strongly believe in the saying “Don’t Diet and Exercise, Eat and Train”. In other words, guilt should not be part of the wellness equation. In saying that, we regularly treat ourselves with a yummy sushi platter or the occasional pizza. And yes, we love wine too!

What’s one book or podcast you’d recommend everyone read/listen to?

Book: Atomic Habits by James Clear, Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness
Podcast: The Tim Ferris Show.

In Mallorca, where is your favourite place to:

  • De-stress: A little “secret spot” in Santa Ponsa Bay
  • Move: Pink Rhino Gym (of course!)
  • Shop: Any local food market
  • Dine: Xiao (best dumplings and Peking duck!)
  • Stay: We are still new here, but we definitely want to spend a few nights in the mountains

Instagram: @pinkrhinomallorca