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Nourish’s Wellbeing Round-Up


This month we’re putting the Nourish spotlight on Anna Johansson – founder of luxe local brand A’DISTRACTION. about her top wellbeing habits and rituals.


Tell us a little bit about your work?

I’m the founder and creative director of A’DISTRACTION – a brand offering a curated lifestyle collection of timeless luxury everyday essentials & exclusive yoga couture – made by hand, with love in Mallorca.

What did you have for breakfast today?

An almond croissant & cafe con leche from my favourite – Thomas Bakeshop, enjoyed on the cliffs of hotel Bendinat after a morning swim with a friend.

What does your morning routine look like?

After many years of travelling for work with early morning flights, I prefer to wake up no earlier than 8am. I always start with a glass of water, followed by a nice shower to wake up the body. Then breakfast – normally greek yoghurt with fruits and nuts and a coffee. On days with exercise (morning swims, kickboxing or yoga) I prefer to enjoy breakfast after my workout.

What are your most important health habits?

To eat ginger & pomegranate.

To surround myself with inspiring people, friends and family.

To spend time in solitude every now and then in nature/by the sea.

To dance & listen to great music.

To practice yoga/morning swims/kickboxing/horse riding a few times per week.

To eat well and in good company. If possible organic and/or local produce.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Croissants – almond croissants from Thomas Bakeshop, and hazelnut or pain au chocolate with dark chocolate and sea salt croissants from Lluis Perez… and lotus cookies!

What’s one podcast you’d recommend everyone listen to?

Oprah Winfrey’s Supersoul Conversations

In Mallorca, where is your favourite place to:

  • De-stress: Somewhere by the ocean or in the mountains. I love Cala Agulla, Colonia Sant Jordi, Cala Deia
  • Move: Can I choose Ibiza? If so Blue Marlin on a Sunday (post covid), dancing in the sunset surrounded by the ocean, cliffs, boats and beautiful people to the beats of the best DJ’s.
  • Shop: I love the concept stores Deguayhause and Oma project. For clothes, I mainly try to use my own production of clothes – A’DISTRACTION. Otherwise, brands that are sustainable and items with good quality that I can use for many years. For fresh produce, Fruits Frutería Progresso in Santa Catalina.
  • Dine: There are so many delicious places to eat so hard to choose only one, but I really love Vagabundos by Balagan which is owned by friends of mine. Ventuno, Rikito and Rosamunda are other favourites. I also love the tacos from Seven Machos to go, enjoying them with a beer next to the windmill in Santa Catalina. In summertime Ponderosa Beach, and all-year-round picnics on the beach!
  • Stay: I love everything about Hotel Sant Francesc & Cal Reiet.

Instagram: @adistraction 
Web: www.adistraction.se