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Nourish’s Wellbeing round up

This month we’re giving you, our yachting Nourisher’s, a peek into our fun new feature on Nourish the Guide. We’re putting the spotlight on local practitioners and business owners in the wellbeing sphere, with a few quickfire questions about their health habits and rituals. We love getting a glimpse into their daily lives and hearing what they have to say! This month we’re sharing our interview with Debbie Lash, one of our favourite yoga teachers on the island. If you would like to see more ‘Health & Happiness’ interviews pop over to


Debbie is an LA trained yoga teacher & health coach, who moved here from LA with her family during the pandemic. She has helped and inspired many clients to get back into great physical and mental shape by keeping them accountable both on and off the mat. Debbie is passionate about helping people; be it people who may feel stuck, or maybe need to eat better to improve gut health, or some are looking to weave a spiritual practice into their life. Her mission is to support people to make better choices for themselves, by making small changes that have big effects.

What did you have for breakfast today?

A matcha latte is my daily breakfast tea ritual, followed by a green smoothie (kale, banana, mango, lemon, ginger, spirulina, hempseed, raw cashews, date and coconut milk, blended with ice). I then wash my vitamins down with water and a few drops of Chlorophyll.

 What does your morning routine look like?

 As soon as I get out of bed, I head straight to the bathroom to get a get a spoon of coconut oil and swish it around in my mouth. This is called ‘pulling’ as it draws all the toxins from your gut. Whilst I’m doing this I wash and exfoliate, then apply my serums, moisturiser and SPF50.  You’ll never see me leave the house without my eyes on (mascara & brow pencil!). I then brush my teeth followed by a tongue scraper, which removes bacteria and acid that come into the mouth when you’re sleeping. When I’m in the zone, I’ll drink hot water & lemon before my matcha and then it’s all about the kids and school lunches. I make them fresh lunches every day, which creates a lot of extra work for myself, but I love to know that they are eating organic, fresh, whole food that nourishes their bodies.

What is your number one health habit?

Organic apple cider vinegar: I always add a little to my water bottle and it’s my go-to if anyone has indigestion, a sore tummy, nausea or bloating.  It’s also great to help with weight-loss plus it’s so affordable. My husband always teases me by saying if someone lost a leg, I’d tell them to drink apple cider vinegar to help it grow back! I swear by it. However, it is Russian roulette for my family when they steal a gulp from a water bottle – not everyone is a fan of the taste!! 

What is your guilty pleasure?

Since arriving on this beautiful island, I have discovered these amazing fresh cinnamon rolls from Palma Bread – I find it almost impossible to not drop in after I finish teaching at Earth Yoga.

What’s one book or podcast you’d recommend everyone read/listen to?

I’m currently listening to ‘Healthy Hormones for Women’. I’m diving deeper to seek more information on the best ways to support myself through perimenopause & menopause. I class it as investing in myself. 

In Mallorca, where is your favourite place to:

De-stress: The Beach. I know there are circa 200 to see but I’ve only been to about 10 of them so far

Move: Earth Yoga

Shop: Forum Shop

Dine: Andana

Stay: Cal Reiet

Insta: @debbielashyoga

YouTube: Debbie Lash Yoga