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Nourish’s Wellbeing round-up

The warmer spring weather means the events calendar is filling up fast, and we’re keen to come out of hibernation and start moving and nourishing ourselves – mind, body and soul. Here’s how we’re looking after ourselves this month.


MyOM Mallorca is kicking off the season with a yoga & brunch event at their beautiful retreat venue in the Manacor hills on April 3rd. Enjoy 2 yoga classes – Yoga Mala Flow with Fly High Mallorca, and Yoga Nidra with Raiza Red Yoga, plus delicious juices, smoothies and a tasty vegan brunch by chef Michela Saragoni. Price pp – 99€. These great events will be running regularly throughout the year so to book your spot or enquire about the next myOM event, please WhatsApp: +34 610 467 004 or email hello@nourishtheguide.com.


As an Italian one grows up seeing one’s grandmother lay big thin sheets of egg dough, and it’s a family ritual to help her shape it into “tortelli”, “cappelletti”, “ravioli” and so on… It seems so easy watching the old ladies doing it but when you go and try to do it yourself it’s and whole different matter! On 18th April, chef Michela Saragoni will be running a workshop from a lovely countryside villa and show you how to make fresh pasta the traditional way, with some modern touches. She will also demonstrate how to whip up some of the most famous sauces to combine with your pasta. Delectable dishes will include tortelli with butter and sage, cappelletti with salsa Bolognese, and tagliatelle with wild mushroom. Enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards for lunch! Price pp – 99€. To book your spot please contact on WhatsApp: +34 610 467 004 or email hello@nourishtheguide.com.


Last year I participated in a lifechanging 9-week programme designed to help me create a blueprint for the life of my dreams and arm me with the tools to make it a reality. This amazing programme is the brainchild of Transformational Life Coach Evelyn Sztojanov, based on 15 years of research. She guides you through 9-weeks of simple steps alongside a deep dive into YOU. Evelyn has recently made the programme available in small groups (complemented by individual sessions) at a reduced rate, and we even have an additional special Nourish discount for you! Small group price – 360€ (was 399€). Individual price – 540€ (was 599€). Quote Nourish to receive this discount. Find out more about the programme by emailing hola@simplifyt.es.


Our favourite detox clinic – Dynamic Detox is finally opening its doors for 2021 at their beautiful premises at the Iberostar Grand Hotel in Portals Nous. We can’t wait to spring clean our insides under the guidance of highly acclaimed detox specialist and colonic hydrotherapist, Raaul Cohen. If you’ve ever contemplated trying a colonic, there’s no one better to go to, and we guarantee you will feel lighter and brighter afterwards (read my first-hand colonic experience on nourishtheguide.com if you’re curious!) Alternatively, the 4-day or 7-day detox programme is the ultimate investment in yourself to really optimize your health. Quote ‘Nourish’ to receive 15% discount on your detox program or treatment in April/May. Find out more at www.cleanbreaks.net or email raaul@cleanbreaks.net.


Join the Calm Collective team on Saturday 17th April in the beautiful valley of Santa Maria for a full day of mindfulness and self-care. Their fabulous guides will be focusing on giving your mind and body exactly what it needs. The schedule includes Vinyasa Flow Yoga to awaken every cell of your body, a sound healing session, restorative Yin Yoga with Lottie, and an essential oils workshop. Enjoy a delicious plant-based menu, served throughout the day including – breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Price pp – 150€ (group booking discount available). To book your spot contact The Calm Collective: Phone (+34) 663 575 992 / WhatsApp (+44) 7968 541000. @calmcollectivemallorca