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Nourish’s Wellbeing round up

Winter is officially over and this month we’re all about restorative mind and body practices to give ourselves a bit of a reset and put a spring in our step heading into warmer days.


Most of us would like to heal some aspect of our health. An Ayurvedic cleanse can help you improve immunity, lose that stubborn weight around the tummy, manage stress better and build a stronger connection to healthy food. Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga) treats ALL aspects of your, mind-body and spiritual health. Local plant-based chef and Ayurvedic practitioner Amrita Ma Devi has created a fantastic 10-day cleanse starting at the equinox – 22nd March. The cleanse eBook includes meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, prompts & tips. Purchasing the cleanse will also give you lifetime access to the ReAwakener’s tribe. This is an online community who enjoy seasonal rejuvenation together at home. Find out more and get your cleanse eBook at flowingwakefulnessayurveda.com/ebook-cleanse/


We’re always on the lookout for an inspiring read, and the latest book on our reading list is Yin for life – Nourishing Guidance for Women in all Stages by Mirjam Wagner. Mirjam loves to work with women in order to uncover conscious and unconscious limitations of their full potential. In her teachings she combines scientific understandings of the human body with a holistic and spiritual approach. Each chapter is full of inspiration, scientific and holistic background and solid practice. Topics covered include embryology, anatomy, organs and hormones, yin yoga, feminine archetypes, spiritual traditions and much more.

“Women of this world have the power and the necessary skills to bring transformational change to their own lives and the lives of others. However, we need to become our own best friend first by getting to know and embrace all our aspects, shadow and light. Yin for Life brings a new understanding of some of the miracles that we are made of – body, psyche, mind. It is necessary to focus on the often neglected Yin qualities to cultivate our talents, skills and intuition and apply them appropriately to live an authentic and purposeful life.” – Mirjam

Purchase your copy at Amazon, or here on the island at Mama Carmens, Carrer de Rossiñol 3a, Santa Catalina


Have you ever thought about giving Pilates a go? Mat classes with Deya are the perfect place to start (or continue your practice if you’re already a convert!). Deya Gavrailova is a certified Pilates instructor and her classes are fun, challenging and adapted to her clients’ needs. She loves the classical Pilates repertoire, but her passion is Pilates flow, slow movement, and the incorporation of different props into her workouts.

“I believe that Pilates can change your body, your way of living. Pilates makes you appreciate each and every tiny muscle. The practice is a full body workout, and practicing daily can improve posture, strenghten the core, and help with back pain. I invite you to join me and start your flow!” – Deya

Deya teaches group classes, as well as privately for those with very specific needs or those who want to deepen their practice. She holds regular weekly classes at Son Caliu beach, at Origin Palmanova, and online via Zoom. Book your spot at deyagavrailova.wixsite.com