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New year and new way of life for the Mack Clan

As is so often the case at this time of year it is a time for reflection, but also for looking to the future, and for hope. As many of you know, this has not been a good year for us, however without the kind love and support of you all it would have been much worse.

When we dreamed up the idea of the Boathouse, what seems like a decade ago now, we wanted to build a community, a hub, somewhere people could call home. Think Cheers, but in the glorious sunshine and with a view of the marina that is so close to all our hearts. With Mark being an ex-Yachtie himself it just felt so natural to reach out to you guys in particular, and I believe that what we have built has surpassed all our expectations. We are now an anchored base of friends, family, colleagues (and of course just a few tourists who help to make it all possible)!

There are of course many wonderful things to look forward to in 2020 with our new menus, continuing live music, ever expanding cocktail list and the barbecue, oh how we love the barbecue, plus loads of events that you can keep up-to-date with on our Facebook page. One of the positive things to come out of this is that we have become far more knowledgeable about wheelchair access, that we obviously have at the Boathouse. In fact, there is an incredible app called Ramped that was created by a Captain that tells you everywhere that is available to wheelchairs. It seems simple but you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes.

It is on this note that we wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge resounding thank you to some very special companies and people who have always been here in our brightest, and perhaps more tellingly, our darkest hours. People without whom the light, at the end of what is still a very long and dark tunnel, would be completely extinguished.

So, thank you first and foremost to the Boathouse crew who are just spectacular. They rallied around and nothing was too much trouble. Special thanks in particular go to our management team for picking up the slack and helping out personally as well as at work, including our events manager’s husband and close friend Paul Moody. As you can probably see when you visit us, the Boathouse team are a close-knit family, and this was the difference in the industry that we set out to create.  So, thank you Monika, Rico, Gaby, Kamel, Miki and Cristina for going above and beyond the call of duty.

There are also a few special people that I’d like to thank personally for making a big difference. Rodger, Nicky and Hamish from E3 for keeping Mark connected while in hospital. Richard and Justine Masters for being amazing friends and making so many things possible. The Islander’s own Simon and Helen for all their support and Tori for picking up the articles. Kev and Lara at El Toro foods for keeping his supply of biltong going in hospital too!! And talking of hospitals, a serious shout out to the teams at Son Espases and San Juan de Deu and the social healthcare. Thank you for looking after us in our hours of need.  Not forgetting our friend and neighbour Matt Paton, mad carpenter extraordinaire and Remy Millot from Pinmar, for coming to the rescue and building a ramp for Mark.

But beyond all of that we want to thank you all! Our wonderful family, friends and regular clients, both near and far, for all their unwavering love, support and well wishes. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and well wishes. We are truly blessed to have you all in our lives.

As the title says, it is going to be a new year and a new way of life for the Mack Clan and this thank you would not be complete without saying a special loving thank you to our kids, who, throughout one of the hardest summers, have stayed so strong and so wonderful. We are so proud of you. There is of course one final thank you, the most important of all in fact. Thank you, Mark, for enduring a gruelling seven months and despite it all fighting to stay with us.

We love you. I love you.

So, when you look around at your friends and family in the coming months remember to cherish every single moment with them. For us this has been a life changing event and has made us appreciate just how precious life is. So, take care of yourselves and the ones you love. Live for today and we look forward to a healthier and happier 2020 to all. 2019 – Jog on!

See  you all at The Boathouse for good food, good times and great friendships!!

Stay Anchored!

Debs xoxo