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Back to the land


There is something about the team at Naturacavall that will make you feel as if time has stopped when you are with them. They have an uncanny ability to strip away the petty irritations of life, and some of the big ones as well, leaving you with this unusual sensation of relaxation. I know to some that relaxation can be found on the waves, or in a big glass of wine but what I experience when I am at Naturacavall is something purer than that, it is the joy of freedom.


The founders of Naturacavall are Joan and his son Xavi. Joan’s love affair with horses began when he was a very small boy, and he passed on his passion to his children as they grew. Now Joan and Xavi specialise in rescuing and rehabilitating horses and then retraining them once the animals are fit and well again. Their herd of 20+ horses now live in Manacor all year round on the family farm.


As soon as you arrive at the farm you are greeted, first by at least two, but sometimes three or more, collies. They are the advance-guard sniffing-patrol, approaching with wagging tails to gather you up and accept you into the group. Next up is Lizzie or Xavi, smiling, welcoming, laughing, joking, filling the air full of happiness. Maybe there is time for a coffee, or a beer, normally there is. And then it’s time to tack up and ride. Whatever your riding experience and ability they have a horse and a route suitable for you. If you don’t have a hardhat, then one is offered, it’s up to you if you wear one or not, and then you mount up and off you go. Simple as that.



Depending on the route you choose to take you will find yourself riding though Holm Oak forests, across stoney mountain paths with views for days, or down to the beach where you will be able to swim with the horses. Being “in the moment” with your horse in the wilds of Mallorca, far away from modern day ridiculousness, is just wonderful. Not only does it give you the opportunity to get a perspective on life, but it reminds you of how extraordinarily beautiful Mallorca is, and lets you just have fun, which is something we could all do with more of in our lives I think. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, (doesn’t everyone at the moment?), then I can truly recommend you try it.


Joan and his team offer a wide range of routes and rides, if you want to sleep out under the stars like a cowboy, you can. If you want to enjoy a champagne picnic and a 5 star accommodation, you also can. They also offer bespoke parties for children and adults at their farm, as well as riding lessons and week long adventures. You can see it all at naturacavall.com Naturacavall are offering a 10% discount on bookings made in April 2022 if you mention The Islander when you book.


(+34) 601 375 323



Photo Credits:

John-F-Marsh / Anna-Deacon / Vicki McLeod

Editorial by Vicki McLeod