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MYBA Focuses on Sustainability


Sustainability has become a strong talking point within the superyacht industry. Discussions seem to focus on designing yachts that are ‘green’ or ensuring that their operation has the least impact possible on the environment. But little is being said about the B2B events on the annual yachting calendar. The shows where the industry gathers to inspect and appraise the global fleet, to network and talk about environmentally-friendly practices and ecological awareness.  So, we would like to broach the subject by speaking about the MYBA Charter Show that is held in Marina Port Vell, Barcelona.

The show has been taking steps to reduce the negative effect it has on water and on shore. We are taking responsibility and stepping up to the challenge. Although we are not there yet, we are adopting new practices every year that are bringing us closer to our ultimate objective, which is the ‘greenest’ show possible.


We are delighted that Octo Marine, a company that shares our Association’s concern and respect for the environment, will be joining us at the 2023 MYBA Charter Show and contributing to making it more sustainable. Octo Marine will be providing three water stations, one on the Octo Marine stand and two more within the general show area. Each station will be equipped with a chiller sparkling unit to offer cold, ambient and sparkling water, with a staff member to man the water station. So water bottles are set to be a key accessory at the 33rd MYBA Charter Show. If you forget to bring one with you or simply wish to support a worthwhile cause, MYBA water bottles will be on sale at the show entrance with proceeds going to a local charity.

We are also very happy that we have already drastically reduced the number of show bags produced and that they are made from recycled material. Bags will be handed over only to those who specifically ask for them and we are encouraging people to avoid using them. Lanyards, which are always a controversial subject, are also produced from recycled material. This year will see the introduction of recyclable cardboard for some of our branding.

All sponsors have been asked to consider distributing promotional items with an environmental focus, with printed catalogues being a thing of the past. Digital invitations are being sent out and single-use materials are a rare sight. We are continuing to offset MYBA HQ travel and hope that in 2024, we will be able to extend it across the show to include the yachts that wish to participate.

Minimising food waste is also a part of MYBA’s decision-making process. Properly managing food supplies for an event is tricky and that is where we need assistance from our show attendees – RSVPs are vital to avoiding a surplus of food. When it does occur, we are partnering with local charitable organisations to ensure that it is given to those who need it most.

Even the choice of theme for this year’s Superyacht Chefs’ Competition, “Foraged Fare” reveals our commitment to a sustainable future. Participating chefs are required to use at least two foraged ingredients when preparing each dish. And the table decorations will also need to incorporate foraged items. One of the chefs who has already registered pleasantly surprised us by asking if he can extend the theme to his tableware, which means that the message has been received and is triggering action.


Moving forward and becoming more sustainable means that we need to change our habits. We invite you to be a part of this change.

Written by MYBA





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