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Loosing it – in the laundry

Hello! And welcome back to the ECO YACHT SLOT – Each month we are will focus on different areas of the interior and look at some options available to help you reduce plastic use and also reduce the amount of chemicals and synthetic fragrances that are building up not only in our oceans but in our bodies as well. This month we will focus on the LAUNDRY

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution and when making changes onboard it is important to assess each situation individually and find an alternative that works and is sustainable.


The first step is not to rush out and buy new ‘alternatives’ but to streamline and simplify the products and systems you have onboard. Don’t overbuy and have cupboards full of products that are never used. Find one of 2 really great Stain Removers and stick to them, make sure you are only purchasing things you absolutely need and if at all possible get rid of the dreaded DRYER SHEETS. All the options below contain no harmful chemicals, reduce overall plastic use compared to purchasing standard bottles.


There are now a few different brands of ‘Laundry Sheets’ available on the market, all Laundry Sheets work in the same simple way – Pop one (or 2 Sheets) into the drum or drawer of your washing machine and then operate like normal – unlike dryer sheets these then completely dissolve in the wash with no harmful effects.


  • Save huge amounts of storage space
  • No Plastic and very little packaging waste
  • Clean and Easy to Use


  • Price can be expensive depending on the Brand
  • Check what the  ‘scent’ is made from as varys between brands
  • Heavily soiled items generally need to be pretreated

For Sailing Yachts and Small Laundry areas these are an absolute lifesaver. Easy to stock up on for long journeys and great to have on hand as a back up in case you end up in remote places.


The Egg has been around for a few years now and for some it is a magic solution and for others it just doesn’t pack the cleaning power needed into its small shell. Fill with the pearls provided, close the egg and pop into the washing machine. Used on a 40’ wash the standard egg will last for 210 washes. Buy more pearls to top up when needed. 1 Per machine is needed plus a spare.


  • Very Economical – 15.50 for 120 Washes
  • Small and easy to use, little plastic waste
  • Replacement Pebbles are easy to ship and available readily


  • There is no ‘scent’ on the clothes after washing
  • Need to Pre-treat heaving staining
  • Depending on size of load sometimes noisy if drum not full

This is a great product to have onboard to use for everyday uniforms, and unsoiled Laundry. This is a great product to alternate with another option (Bulk) as it has some limitations with being used for the amount a Yacht needs.


Switching from purchasing single throwaway bottles to implementing a refill system onboard is becoming one of the most popular switches to make in Cleaning and Toiletry Cupboards and the Laundry is no different. Many Brands are now offering their products in larger containers ranging from 5L to 20L with taps on the drums. If you have space keep these in your Laundry or refill smaller 1/2L bottles and use the large ones as your ‘supermarket’.


  • A very simple and easy switch to make
  • Many Brands are now offering this
  • Cheaper than buying smaller bottles and less waste created


  • Still left with plastic to dispose of
  • Can take up a lot of space if limited storage
  • Just because bulk not always ‘clean’ ingredients – check labels


There are lots of ways to DIY clean onboard and depending on your situation you can even make your own Laundry Powder. This may not be an option for busy charter boats or remote travellers but when you have no guests onboard you can experiment. Check out @eoilalchemy for some great easy to try recipes


  • Totally ‘chemical/fragrance’ Free
  • No Plastic Bottles


  • Can take time / be messy
  • Some ingredients can be hard to source – need careful handling


Ditch the plastic and chemical laden dryer sheets and switch to woollen balls. These separate the laundry while dryer which reduces overall drying time and also act as a natural softener as well.


With any of the new ‘alternatives’ – The Eco Egg or the Laundry Sheets it is a good idea to trial them onboard before making a total swap and also even then you can use along side the Bulk Containers with a more traditional Liquid in – alternate what you use or make one thing for Guests and one for Crew – by doing this you reduce the amount of liquid you are going through even more and thereby reducing the plastic use again.

If you would like to know more about anything mentioned in our article or have any other suggestions please get in touch hannah@viveco.co. Safe Sailing x