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Debbie Lash Yoga Teacher

Life After Covid – Return to the Yoga studio

Top tips to protect yourself when returning to the yoga studio.

Yoga class photo

Whilst Covid is still very much prevalent globally we are all finding our way to adjust to the new normal.  There is no denying that zoom and online has been our savour, as it has been for most industries, and for many it still feels like the safer option to continue practicing in the convenience of your own home.  Let us gladly reflect on the hours we have saved by not driving, parking and showering at a studio.

However, I think most of you agree nothing beats the atmosphere and energy that comes when you practice with your tribe in the studio. Personally, as a yoga teacher, and a student, I could not wait to get back in and soak up the vibes of flowing together.

This summer I had the pleasure of teaching lots of yogis at Earth Yoga in Santa Catalina and Portals, many of them returning to the studio for the first time since the Covid tsunami swamped us.  They arrived with mixed emotions, with some ending up in floods of tears from enjoying the wonderful in-person experience once again. It’s not until we lose something do we fully learn to appreciate what we had.

The collective energy achieved by an in-person class is an emotional journey that simply isn’t achievable by zoom.  There is something so inexplicably special about this. It’s a sacred exchange of energy that only happens in a yoga shala because it’s a safe, dedicated space that isn’t your home, allowing you to avoid all the distractions of everyday life.

Now the yoga studios have reopened there are lots of new hygiene protocols in place, and while we love seeing what precautions the studios are taking, have you thought about what you can do to protect yourself?  How can you be part of the yoga hygiene movement?

Debbie Lash Yoga Class

Here are my top tips to protect yourself so that you can practice with piece of mind:

  1. Bring your own mat (BYOM)

Spray your mat down at the end of class and use the following mat folding hygiene tip to roll your mat up so the backside of your mat (which was on the studio floor) will not roll into the inside (which you just cleaned) Take the bottom of the mat and fold forward so the top is aligned with the bottom. Now start rolling the mat up where the fold is until it’s completely rolled up. 

  1. Practice outdoors

If you are not ready to practice indoors then check out some outdoor classes in your area.  With the weather getting colder you will need to dress warmer, and even think about bringing a blanket for a cosy shavasana.  Mallorca fortunately has lots of beautiful sunny winter days that gifts us so many days to be in nature.  Earth Yoga in Portals are once again offering outdoor classes when the weather permits.

  1. Call your yoga studio

Yoga studios have to meet certain requirements in order to be open, so call ahead and have them answer your questions. You may want to ask what the studio does for adequate ventilation and if they are still following spacing regulations that limit the numbers of practitioners.

  1. Keep washing your hands

Even though it’s an obvious one, many people have gone back to their old habit of not washing their hands.  Washing your hands or sanitizing them before and after class might be one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep viruses at bay.

The pandemic brought the yoga industry to its knees. Sadly many studio’s had to close their doors.  So, for all the studio’s that have managed to adapt and survive, let’s show them some love and support them by joining a class.

We are stronger together!

You can find me teaching at Earth Yoga, check their schedule to reserve your spot or join one of my pop-up Self Care Affair day retreats, which you’ll find on my social media.

Other ways to contact me:

Instagram: @debbielashyoga

Facebook:  Debbielashyoga

YouTube:    Debbielashyoga