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SILENT55 Oceangoing Solar Electric Catamaran

Greener Than Ever SILENT YACHTS at Cannes

Oceangoing Solar Electric Catamarans.

Yacht Consulting Barcelona, official distributor in Spain of SILENT YACHTS, is at the Cannes Yachting Festival to meet with its clientele and present the latest novelties of the Austrian shipyard.

SILENT 60 Oceangoing Solar Electric Catamaran
SILENT 60 Oceangoing Solar Electric Catamaran

SILENT YACHTS, Austrian shipyard dedicated to the production of ocean-class electric catamarans, presents the “front exit” version of the SILENT 55 and the SILENT 60 in world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

The first unit of the SILENT 60 is greener than ever as it is equipped with a kite wind, a special sailing system that does not require a big mast. To launch the kite, set up a small two feet high mast, pump the kite up with an electric pump, connect it to the winch, and throw the kite overboard where it will drift away with the wind. By pulling the ropes the kite will fly. When in the air, the automatic steering can take over. The pulling rope is released until the kite is more than 120 meters above the boat, at such height the kite generates up to 10 times more power per square metre than a conventional sail.

This system has numerous advantages, starting from extra propulsion. In fact, the kite can pull the 30-ton SILENT 60 with about 4-5 knots and it reduces the consumption of the e-motors, thus extending the yacht’s range. In an emergency it could also be very useful. If a fishing line gets entangled in the propellers, a kite can serve as a reserve propulsion that enables the boat to get to a protected place where the rope can be cut, and prop set free.

The SILENT 60 also has a new high-performance hull with longer waterline and reverse bow, guaranteeing a pleasant navigation. Additionally, it offers a flexible layout, with numerous social areas, and higher headroom everywhere, up to 230cm in the saloon. To enhance even further the living experience onboard, the hull and superstructure feature numerous glazed surfaces, which fill the interior with an abundance of natural light. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, both during the design and construction, and to the high level of overall comfort, this new model is the ideal yacht to face any sort of transoceanic navigation.

SILENT YACHTS will also present the SILENT 55 “Front exit” at Cannes. This is the ideal model to carry out long distance self-sufficient travels. Thanks to highly efficient electric propulsion systems; the presence of 30 photovoltaic panels; a wind turbine; and the possibility to fit a “kite wing”, the new SILENT 55 is the ideal yacht for silent, no emission, self-efficient cruising.

As always, SILENT YACHTS stays true to its goal of eliminating the disastrous effects of yachting on the environment without sacrificing the slightest bit of comfort and security.

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SILENT YACHTS is an Austrian shipyard dedicated to the production of ocean-class electric catamarans, which provide virtually unlimited autonomy by using solar energy to cover all your needs. Silent Yachts was founded more than 15 years ago by a couple, who are expert sailors and pioneers in solar energy. With more than 75,000 nautical miles in their logbooks, they have confirmed the validity of SILENT technology that, using the energy generated by highly efficient solar panels, allows these exclusive catamarans to be self-sufficient, in addition to requiring little maintenance and generate low costs. With a price comparable to that of catamarans of the same length but with Diesel propulsion, SILENT YACHTS range of catamarans has models from 44′ to 80′, which stand out for their elegant lines, large interior volume, and avant-garde technology in the use of solar energy. |


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