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Rodrigo González Terrats

Game-Changing Specialist for Santa Ponsa Dental Practice

While general dentists can perform a broad range of highly-skilled dental procedures, there are times when things are best left to a specialist.  These guys finish their dentistry degrees and dive headfirst into intense study of their chosen field, achieving true expert status.  Rodrigo Gonzalez Terrats is one such expert.  He’s spent more than a decade honing his skills in periodontology (gums and supporting structures) and implantology (placement of artificial teeth in the jaw).   It’s a game-changer for Santa Ponsa Dental Practice.

Howard Forge BDS, Owner of Santa Ponsa Dental Practice, says:  “Even with 20 years of dentistry under my belt, including dedicated implantology training, I know my limitations and, on occasion, have to refer our clients to a specialist.  Having Rodrigo on board will reduce the number of these referrals.  With two master’s degrees – one in implantology and periodontics and the other in aesthetics and oral rehabilitation – Rodrigo is able to perform pretty much any complex implant treatment a patient requires.  This is great news for our customers as it stops them having to mentally and geographically switch from one dentist to another, perhaps joining a waiting list each time, and in turn reduces the overall treatment time.  As Rodrigo is also fluent in English, he will be a huge asset to our team.”

Despite being in his early 30s, Rodrigo has so many letters after his name that if they were pasta he could feed you alphabetti spaghetti for a week.  After A-Levels at the British School of Barcelona, Rodrigo was accepted in the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya for a degree in dentistry.  Upon completion, he started a master’s degree in periodontics at the same university, and graduated with recognition from the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP).  Rodrigo then turned his attention to a second two-year master’s in aesthetics and oral rehabilitation at the Barcelona Dental Institute, which he combined with a career in private dentistry.  In year two, he applied for a PhD at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and was accepted at the end of 2017.  Rodrigo continues to work on his implantology-related thesis alongside his clinic-based practical work.

“Despite having no medical professionals in my family, even as a child I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to medical science,” says Rodrigo.  “I have always liked the idea of having a job which involves helping others.  These days, my favourite procedures are those in which I am required to combine surgical and restorative treatments.  I can correct the gums with different surgical techniques, finish the prosthetic restoration, as well as improve the final aesthetics if required.  But, it’s not just about being a skilled professional, you have to listen to your patients.  Having good qualifications and dental training is vitally important, but truly understanding individuals’ chief concerns is what I believe gives a dentist their star quality.”

When Rodrigo isn’t studying, or working, or listening, he’s playing tennis, football or padel, trying out different kinds of international cuisine – with a particular penchant for Japanese, or exploring the varied bays of north Mallorca in his girlfriend’s Zodiac RIB.  And what does Rodrigo’s girlfriend do for a living?  You guessed it, dentist.

Contact Santa Ponsa Dental Practice on +34 971 694 071, hforge@santaponsadental.com, www.facebook.com/santaponsadental, www.santaponsadental.com.


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