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Functional Fitness in Mallorca


Embarking on a fitness journey is a daunting thing. For many of us, the idea of grinding out an extreme intensity workout while a buff trainer screams cliched slogans at us is enough to warrant crawling into bed with a packet of choccy biscuits. The problem is, we’ve been programmed to think this is the best way to get results.

Juju Fluhrer and Rob Winterhalter are personal trainers and owners of the Pink Rhino functional fitness studio in Son Ferrer (just 5mins from Port Adriano), and they have a different opinion. With their infectious energy and toned physiques, we were all ears to hear their approach to working out.

A Cautionary Tale

 Both Juju and Rob have been into sport and fitness since childhood, turning their passion into careers by obtaining personal training and nutrition certifications and taking on clients.  The muscular couple aren’t strangers to high-intensity regimes, both ex CrossFit trainers who actually met at one of the gruelling fitness competitions in Berlin. “When I first joined CrossFit, I had a lot of initial physical results” describes Juju. But it was short-lived. “After 6-months I started to get injuries,” she recounts. “My journey with CrossFit was up and down for the next 4-years, and then I suffered massive burnout. One day I walked into the CrossFit box and couldn’t bring myself to face the workout.”

Rob tells a similar story. In 2018 he was full-time CrossFit training, coaching and competing in CrossFit events for fun. “Like Juju, I had become completely burnt out as well” he explains. “After my third injury, I decided it wasn’t ok anymore.”

From Burnout to Functional Fitness

Juju and Rob decided to walk away from the CrossFit box and try a new training style created by Marcus Filly, ex CrossFit athlete and the founder of Functional Bodybuilding. Filly developed the methodology around his personal need to train more for longevity and sustainability after also suffering massive burnout when competing in the 2016 CrossFit games. At Pink Rhino they use structured progressive plans in 6-week blocks with functional movements. It doesn’t matter your fitness level, you will progress at your pace and there will always be options and modified versions of the exercises. Small classes mean you get focused and individual attention.

 The Environment

Pink Rhino is one good-looking gym and it’s clear a lot of thought has gone into the details. The studio is super inviting with pink, light wood, and colourful bean bags contrasting the bold black mats and equipment. The boutique gym is a sanctuary for its members, with a café style set up for a pre-workout Mistral coffee, and a post-training protein smoothie, as well as leaners with seating where you can plug in your devices, use the wifi, and WFG (work from gym!).

Take the Next Step Towards your Fitness Goals

If you’ve been contemplating switching up your fitness routine, Juju and Rob invite you to pop in for an obligation-free chat. If you fancy giving a class a go, your first trial session will be free of charge.

Bonus: Quote “Nourish” to receive a complimentary pre-workout coffee and post-workout smoothie at your first class or personal training session!