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From Dutch canals to Spanish calas – Boatsters

LATEST NEWS – Boatsters Black taking the Med by storm

When Nick Gelevert Lengers founded Boatsters Black in the Netherlands back in 2015, he had no idea just how far his company would sail in just six short years. Mind you, he knew he’d founded the first yacht charter company in his homeland, and he certainly dared to dream of conquering the Mediterranean. Yet he still could never have imagined just how fast the company would go from Dutch canals to Spanish calas.

Boatsters Black Mallorca Photo 3

At the end of 2015, Boatsters was veritably unknown, despite Nick and his team’s extensive experience in the yacht charter industry. By 2018, and again in 2019, the company held the largest private charter at the Monaco Grand Prix, decking out a jaw-dropping 72m yacht with all the conceivable bells and whistles, for a multi-day event that was out of this world.

That’s an astronomical rise, in anyone’s books.

The Boatsters Black vision – exclusivity, reinvented

Intent on creating uber-deluxe yachting experiences that had never been offered before, Nick went about doing two things. First, to refine the kind of services he wanted Boatsters to offer and, second, to create a young and dynamic team of handpicked professionals who could take his vision and make it all happen. Within three short years, Boatsters Black amassed a network of yachting partners in over 60 countries and opened a second office in Palma de Mallorca, the undisputed ‘queen’ hub for Mediterranean yacht charters.

What sets the Boatsters Black team apart, besides their remarkable rise to prominence, is that they are highly digitally-focused and have had a very concise vision from the start. The company focuses on super deluxe, tailor-made yachting experiences that go above and beyond a simplistic ‘renting of a vessel for a week’. Providing a complete concierge service that takes care of all the on and off land activities, Boatsters delivers exclusive, one-of-a-kind experiences that make even the most seasoned charter guests swoon with delight.

This A-to-Z yacht charter service includes every imaginable aspect of a private yacht charter: from choosing the most suited yacht and crew for every guest to creating bespoke itineraries, organizing specialist water toys if needed, booking on-shore excursions, finalizing personalised menus, and organizing luxury transfers from door to deck. All is done digitally.

Taking luxury yachting to a brand new level, Boasters Black serves up a seamless booking process. Guests can simply plan the voyage of their dreams with just a single click.

The high-tech company has grabbed the attention of business leaders from various fields outside yachting, its groundbreaking technological adaptations scoring features in both Business Insider and Fast Company. Having such extensive yacht charter experience also means the team can advise yacht owners on how best to build and/or refit their vessel to make it fly off the charter shelves.

Yet creating unforgettable customized trips for discerning clients is what Boatsters Black is essentially all about. The team’s experience is as extensive as it is eclectic – from having eight Ferraris awaiting guests in Venice (just so they could enjoy the spectacular drive down to Pula before boarding their Croatian chartered yacht) to arranging private jet transfers so guests could ‘yacht-charter-hop’ around the Mediterranean on a two week charter, seamlessly delivering a multi-destination charter which would be impossible to achieve by sailing alone.

Given the kind of eye-popping events these guys are able to assemble after six short years in the scene, we can’t wait to see where they’ll be in another six years.

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