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flying fifteen Mallorca

18 December – Trofeo Navidad – Pollença

A very respectable ten flying fifteens were signed-up for the regatta, with many of the regulars unable to take part due to other commitments. There was also a cruiser class, starting 5 minutes after the fifteens.

The light wind was to be fairly steady in direction throughout the event, blowing between about 3 and 5 knots, meaning it was vital to keep an eye out for the holes! The windward mark was laid level with Formentor Island. Martini, being sailed by Pilar and her son, was slightly ahead of fuego fatuo at the first cross, about 10 minutes into the race. Then, off Avançada the winds became fickle and everywhere but the middle route paid off, dropping fuego into about 6th place.

The fleet all went right, crossing the bay except for fuego who chose mid-to-left, which paid off handsomely, getting up the 2.5mile beat and rounding the mark about one minute before Flying High – the  next placed boat. By this time the fleet was well spread out. Spinnakers went up, the leg was a reach on port to a barely visible buoy off the Bonaire marina wall. By now it was quite late, and the grey skies made it dark – difficult for buoy spotting.

Thankfully, at this mark the course was shortened and it was a very, very tight starboard spinnaker reach towards where the finish was guessed to be. The fleet behind fuego benefited from a better angle and slightly more wind, and were gaining rapidly. The finish was sighted and the drag race was on. The recently rebuilt Heaven Sent gaining spectacularly against the other boats on this leg. It was a drag-race to the finish with fuego managing to finish four boat-lengths ahead of a line of 3 boats – the gloom making the positions difficult to call.

1 ESP 3577 fuego fatuo John Walker / Viviana Guiliano
2 ESP 3420 Heaven Sent David Miles / Corine Miles
3 ESP 3592 Flying High Patrick Harris


8 January – New Year Regatta – Pollença

With forecasts of north-westerly gusts over 30 knots, five of the eight entries decided not to sail, leaving only ffinally, fuego fatuo and Dragonfly to contest the day. In the event, we decided to stay close in to the harbour for safety reasons. The wind was around 12-15 knots, with stronger gusts of up to ten more. We set a course starting between the southernmost pair of yellow buoys by Avançada, a beat to a trawler motor yacht near the harbour entrance and the promise of a very exciting run back to the finish.

The run down to the start was challenging, with squalls of some 30 knots. Really fun high-speed sailing. We agreed that Dragonfly would start first, and the other two would follow across the line whenever the wished. First race got off in another squall with ffinally to windward and behind Dragonfly, and fuego between them. ffinally pulled ahead, pointing higher with a little more speed. fuego followed round the top mark, ahead of Dragonfly. Down the run, we had a few strong gusts, but not enough for the trailing boats to catch up, finishing positions being as at the top mark.

Race two got off in similar fashion, but fuego then tacked in to the northern shore, and ffinally followed too late, losing the benefit of shift and falling behind. They were unable to recover, and rounded the top second. Going down the run, they pulled closer but couldn’t pass until a squall caught up and pulled them within striking distance. However, it was not to be and fuego finished just ahead.

For the final race, ffinally were to cross behind Dragonfly on port, whilst fuego started on starboard. Shortly after the start, Dragonfly also tacked, and continued in to the north side. However, the left side of the course paid off, and fuego crossed both others, reaching the top mark well ahead. ffinally was not able to catch up and rounded third. Down the run, both boats were catching fuego, but the wind coming down wasn’t favouring ffinally, who still couldn’t catch Dragonfly, and finished third.

1 ESP 3577 fuego fatuo Jerry Ibbeson / Ben Stitt 4
2 GBR 4014 ffinally John Walker / Stephen Babbage 6
3 ESP 3817 Dragonfly Michael Beecken / Karin Baatz 8 

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flying fifteen Mallorca
Stephen Babbage & John Walker