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Exploring Liquid Supplements

Liquid Supplements Based on Wild and Organic Ingredients

Most of us have come across some food supplements at some point in our lives. While our interest in them might range from dismissing them instantly to recognising them as an integral part of our wellness routine, most of us will fall somewhere in between, trying some supplements, for some time, and then evaluating their benefits to us.

I came across interesting supplements recently, at a friend´s house, and I was intrigued by several thing;

Firstly, there were stylish names such as Sunrise, Sunset etc.

Secondly, there was a very cool story about wild Alaskan blueberries – many times more potent than the cultivated variety that makes it into our daily smoothie bowls – where every single berry is picked by hand.

Finally, I liked the sweet, fruity taste of a few products I tried; they tasted more like sweets and less like medicine, and this is always a huge plus in my books!

The said friend is Ana Josipovic, the representative for the Baleares, and here she tells us more about the products.

Ana Josipovic
Ana Josipovic

You mentioned Alaska. What is the connection of these supplements with Alaska?

Ana: We use wild Alaskan blueberries and wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. These are some of the best ingredients that mother Earth can offer us.

What are your products about? How would you explain them, in a few sentences?

Ana: In simple terms, it’s about adding value to people´s lives. I pride myself on “service par excellence”! Whatever your wellness concern, you can just WhatsApp me and I will suggest the best solution for you.

People who have tried or, more precisely, those that have tried and kept using my products, have experienced an improvement in their lives – either in terms of their wellbeing or even socially. What I mean by “socially” is that I keep in regular contact with my clients; we create an environment where they can voice their concerns and ask questions about the products and the best ways to incorporate them into their daily lives and routines.

People also love telling me their experiences and I, in turn, love using that feedback in deciding how to best help future consumers with whatever issues they might have.

Kyäni liquid supplements

What are some of the main, or most used, products?

Ana: Our most popular product – or a group of products to be precise – is the Triangle of Wellness by Kyäni. As the name suggests, this pack consists of three products, taken in the morning, at midday and at night. Some ingredients are wild, and what is not wild is organic.

1) Sunrise is a concentrated fruit juice that comes in an easy-to-use single-serving pouch and consists of 21 antioxidant super-foods, including a wild species of Alaskan blueberries, selected for the unique vitamins and minerals they provide. It is “a delicious, nutritious blend of essential water-soluble vitamins and minerals”.

2) Nitro products are based on Nobel Prize awarded science and contain “proprietary formula of ingredients, including extracts from the noni fruit”. More concentrated blend contains Thiamin (B1), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Chromium, Zinc and and CoQ10 and can have a positive effect on, among other things, blood flow and the immune system. It is designed with business professionals, athletes, students or busy parents in mind.

3) Sunset is a proprietary combination of lipid-soluble nutrients that we lack most in our diets: vitamin E (tocotrienol-tocopherol), omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin D. These nutrients assist with a variety of essential health functions, including cardiovascular and heart health, so we can function at our best at all times.

There are numerous other supplements in our product range that may answer consumers’ specific needs, but the above three are the essentials, a “test package” if you like, with 100% money back guarantee.

You have mentioned one of the supplements, Sunrise, as something that works well in cocktails. I see this as something the crew could try in their down time, but also as something that could potentially be offered to the guests on board. Tell me more!

Ana: Have you ever tried putting Alaskan blueberries into your champagne? Sunrise lends itself excellently to being used by mixologists in a variety of fruit based cocktails. Its advantage is that it is completely natural. It has been said that people consuming cocktails made with Sunrise might get through the day after the party much easier. We have piloted recipes in bars in Belgrade and Moscow and we got raving reviews from both locations.

So, getting drunk on healthy supplements might become a thing in 2022?

Ana: Let´s see… (laughs)

Kyäni cocktail

OK, joking aside, for anyone who is interested in finding out more about these interesting products, where can they find you?

Ana: I spend a part of the year in the green hills above Port d´Andratx, but people can always reach out to me via Instagram or my mobile (details below). I am working worldwide, so wherever your yacht goes next your package can wait for you at the destination.

Text: Mia Naprta
Photos: Ana’s personal archive

Representative for Balearic Islands:
Ana Josipović
Mobile: +34 674 770 449
Instagram: @ana__josipovic (double underscore)

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