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El Txoko de Martin – Michelin stars arrive in Santa Catalina

Martín Berasategui Now, whilst Martín Berasategui’s newest restaurant may not currently have any Michelin stars, the chef himself holds a coveted 12, the highest number of any Spanish Michelin starred chef. Born and raised in San Sebastian, he cut his teeth in the restaurant Bodegón Alejandro, which was run by his parents and his aunt. In fact it was this very restaurant in which he won his first Michelin star. And it off the back of this first restaurant that this latest one is styled.

From the age of 15 he began training in France alongside the great and good of the cheffing industry, finally finishing up with Alain Ducasse, in the uber cool restaurant, Louis XV in Monaco. However the significance of the name El Txoko is not lost on those that know and love his many wonderful restaurants. El Txoko is a place that is an equaliser, where layman and king are on equal terms. And through this concept Martin brings the delight of his gastronomic prowess to each and every one of us.


When my editorial family, Simon and Helen, and I, visited for lunch it was during the week and we were quite early and the restaurant was quiet. However, within 30 minutes every single table was full to brimming with all ages and nationalities. And this is not a small restaurant. It is clear that there is an excitement around the restaurant that is not set to diminish any time soon. In fact there is actually a waiting list most days for a reservation. So to avoid disappointment book in advance.

The restaurant itself, whilst large, manages to create intimate spaces throughout, where you don’t really notice the other tables around you. The décor is understated and I would put it out there that it is the closest feel to a gastropub that we have in Palma. There is also a large terrace with heaters, although on the day we went that was really only for the brave. The atmosphere inside was light and full of laughter and the staff were wonderfully attentive.


When it came to the food we went for a tapas style as we really wanted to try a little bit of everything. We started of with the Teryaki Red Tuna with a fabulously punchy wasabi on the side. This was quickly followed up with the delicious Thai muscles. The coconut sauce that they were infused in I could have drunk in and of itself. After that was the Beef Tartare, which for me was the close run winner of the day. Just enough spice and beautifully presented.

Unfortunately croquettes are not my thing, which is tricky considering where I live, however I was assured that the three different types, of squid, spinach and traditional chicken were fantastic, with just the right amount of crunch and a super tasty filling. I was okay however, as, at this point the jamon arrived and I was suddenly in seventh heaven. Melt in your mouth, say nothing more.


We were considering leaving it there, as while the plates aren’t large they are surprisingly filling. However I happened to open my phone and the menu loaded back up. Well, I couldn’t resist a quick browse and what I found could not be ignored. Prawn ceviche and a tomato salad with anchovies. It’s probably not the right time of year for the tomatoes as everything is locally sourced, but the anchovies were delicious. And the prawn ceviche was sweet and the perfect texture. Not in the slightest bit fishy, which those of you who know me will know is my bugbear. All of this was washed down with a variety of lovely red wines from the menu.

I would thoroughly recommend El Txoko de Martin. It not cheap, but it’s also not break the bank expensive. There is something on the menu for every budget, but the welcome is equally fantastic whatever your line of work or situation. And we all know that after the last two years no one knows where anyone stands anymore. And talking of the dreaded C-19, at the time of going to press you will need your vaccination passport or test results, plus your ID to enter the restaurant. But it’s worth it.


By Victoria Pearce