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Eco Yacht Slot Bottles

Eco Yacht Slot – Keeping it local

The 2021 Med Season is finally underway and most yachts here in Mallorca are full of guests, enjoying the summer and cruising our beautiful waters. With guests onboard most crews are extremely busying with daily tasks and running of the boat so there is little time now to think of the ‘sustainability’ side of life onboard. However, while cruising and arriving in different destinations there is a great opportunity to encourage guests to sample and shop as locally as possible. This benefits the local economy and the small businesses that need the support, creates amazing and memorable guest experiences and also is great for the environment as KM0 produce and products have a much more positive impact on the world.

This ethos can be applied everywhere you cruise – check with agents or locals for the finest items from the area you are in. As we are here in Mallorca we have rounded up some local companies and products that we love – all from businesses and people that live and work on our special Islands.

Dos Alquemistas – Olive Leaf Tea, Lattes and Powders

Dos Alquemistas

Created in the Valley of Valldemossa, Dos Alquemistas have turned the ‘waste’ product from the iconic Mallorcan Olive trees in a delicious and nurturing range of drinks. After harvesting, the leaves and branches are usually piled up and burnt. By collecting , harvesting and dehydrating the leaves to create their range of products they create a circular economy and reduce waste and CO2 Emissions.

With the dehydrated leaves Katja and Kate have created a range of Teas and Powder mixes which have the amazing benefit of reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure and strengthening the immune system from the Oleuropein phenol found in the leaf.

An amazing option to serve as an Iced Tea in the afternoon or combine with Gin for a ‘healthy’ cocktail.

Sol de Ibiza – Reef Safe Sun Screen

Ibiza Natural Sun Screen

Born out of one mans love of swimming in the clear waters of Ibiza and a desire to keep the ocean free from chemicals and plastics – Sol de Ibiza ticks every box if you are looking for a Sun Cream brand that is good for you and the planet.

Free from harmful chemicals this zinc based sun cream comes in beautiful plastic free packaging and is available in Tins of SPF 30 and 50 and a sport stick packaged in cardboard. Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Reef Safe and Zero Waste. Easy to apply and rub in and suitable for Adults and Children this a great product to have available onboard for guests and crew alike.

Jabon de Mallorca – Soap and Body Products

This French/Mallorquin couple have spent many years developing this beautiful brand which is  made in the Soller Valley. Using virgin Olive and Almond oil throughout their range and sourcing 100% natural elements from the island their products are scented with lavender, olive, lemon and orange. One of our favourite products of theirs is their beautiful Organic Almond Body Oil so light and hydrating – perfect for a guest giveaway to remind them of their time in the Balearics.

Gaia Naturals – Full Range of Natural Toiletries  

Trudi has been producing beautiful natural handmade products here on the Island for over 20 years. In her remote finca she develops a huge range of  bespoke scents and products for clients from basic toiletries to home scents and massage oils. With an amazing beautiful nourishing range from Roll On’s to Make up remover Trudi can produce a full range of items for your yacht. We have developed an amazing Yacht specific brand with Gaia Naturals which is being released next season so keep an eye out for this.

Clean Wave – Reusable Water Bottles

Cleanwave Water bottle

Need to replace your crew water bottles ? then why not consider supporting a local brand who directly help minimize plastic pollution in the Balearic Islands? Cleanwave install water filtrations machines throughout the Island to enable everyone to fill up their reusable bottles whenever needed. Clean Wave have a great range of bottle both insulated and single wall and we absolutely LOVE the new 1.9 L Insulate Wide Mouth perfect for taking for long trips in the Tender or taking enough cold water ashore for guest Beach visits.

If you would like to know more about anything mentioned in our article or would like some help sourcing the right products, please get in touch

Hannah x


+34 634 326 981


Hannah is an ex-stewardess who now runs Viveco, an Eco Yacht and Home supply shop in Mallorca.