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Eco Yacht Slot – Guest wellness on-board

July is here and we are well and truly into the 2021 season. We had a brilliant time at the Palma International Boat Show, great to see familiar faces (even behind masks) and was really encouraging to see so many keen to return to these industry events.

Maybe it is a sign of the times, as people look less at partying and more at wellness.  We have been inundated recently with requests from interior crew for Guest Toiletries and Accessories. Thankfully there are lots of options available to up your on-board offerings without destroying the ocean. We love when Luxury and Sustainability meet and using these products can be a great opener for guests to bring sustainability into other areas of the Yacht.  When they see that you don’t have to compromise on quality or look to make better choices and in some cases the eco offering is better than the ‘standard’.

Below are some suggestions and our most asked for items this season.

LoofahNatural Loofah Sponges

For both crew and guests this is a great swap. Days of fun in the sun and sea can take its toll on the skin so having an option available for guest’s shows that you are thinking of them and may be something they haven’t brought with them. For any product that you know has a finite lifetime it is always best to find a product made from natural materials. The standard ‘body buffs’ are made of plastic and after only a couple of months disintegrate and need to be disposed. Using a natural Loofah (or sustainably sourced Sea Sponge) means that no waste is created when the product reaches the end of its life. Loofahs start off at very reasonable prices and Sea Sponges are more luxury but this, can also be a great product to encourage guests to take with them at the end of their trip.

Body BrushesBody Brushes

Thanks in part to Gwyneth and her Goop revolution; body brushing has become a huge wellness fad over the last few years. Some of the many benefits attributed to this self-care ritual include stimulating the lymphatic system, exfoliating the skin, helping the body rid itself of toxins and increasing circulation and energy. This could be a great mid charter turndown gift to encourage guests to pamper themselves while on holiday and try something new.

Silk Dental Floss, Georganics

Not technically a ‘wellness’ product but I can’t write about guest amenities and not include this absolute winner! . This totally plastic free alternative is not only more luxurious but it also looks nicer than the standard plastic box.  We have said this before but it is always worth keeping extra onboard as this little extra always ends up leaving with the guests!

Eco Combs & BrushesWooden Hairbrushes / Combs

Sometimes guests forget the basics and when this happed the stews dive into the Amenities cupboard to save the day. Traditionally a plastic hairbrush and comb have been staples of the cupboard but next time you need to top up think about choosing a more sustainable and stylish option that the guests will appreciate. Make sure the wood is from FSC Certified forests and it is from a reputable brand to ensure they were produced in the best way.

Calming Spray

Creating a relaxing environment inside the cabin is one of the main jobs of the housekeeping department. From crisp clean sheets, to beautifully organised bathrooms and cabins this sanctuary is where guests are most ‘at home’ onboard. Using a scent that has been created to invoke a feeling of calm and happiness is proving to be a popular option for yachts this season. We love the idea of gifting the guests a small sample of this scent for them to use at home to remind them of the fantastic time they had onboard.  Our oeSHun calming spray is available in 10ml or 100ml bottles and a 5liter refill.

Whatever you choose to offer your guests the fact that you have thought about their wellness and overall experience onboard will only have a positive impact on their trip.

These small gestures can really make their stay onboard your Yacht stand out from others.

If you would like to know more about anything mentioned in our article or would like some help sourcing the right products, please get in touch



+34 634 326 981


Hannah is an ex-stewardess who now runs Viveco an Eco Yacht and Home supply shop in Mallorca.

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