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DO YOU Have What It Takes To Be An ETO / AVIT Engineer?

Being an ETO / AV IT Engineer on a super yacht is one of the most exciting jobs in the world! Who wouldn’t enjoy learning and working with some of the most up to date Audio Visual, IT, Electrical and Bridge navigation systems available? Who wouldn’t be a little bit fascinated about installing and maintaining these systems whilst travelling to far and exotic places around the world? All this sound too good to be true? Undoubtedly, there is more to being an ETO / AV IT engineer than meets the eye, the role is most certainly not isolated and purely technical; it’s a multi-faceted role and much of the job requires the candidate to be an excellent communicator and confident around high profiled owners and guests. An ETO/AV IT engineer provides Captains and Chief Engineers the assurance that all systems are well looked after and maintained at all times.

An ETO is a master of troubleshooting, loves to get to the nitty gritty and understand the fundamentals of how things work. An ETO is curious by nature with an insatiable appetite for learning.

Crisis management – being prepared for any eventuality is key! So much stress can be avoided if you’ve thought through all the different scenarios and viewed each scenario from different angles before the event occurs. When the internet, phone or TV systems stop working, you’ll very quickly be on the hot plate and pressured for an immediate solution.

Good humor, being social and friendly with a non-confrontational character and a calm disposition is best! The job is full on with many hours dedicated to maintaining, trouble-shooting and resolving technical issues.

Having a genuine interest and showing respect not only for the work you do but towards your colleagues and high profiled guests goes a long way to being a successful ETO / AV IT engineer. So much of what you do is not understood by anyone else onboard, for all intent and purposes the work you do is like “black magic” – where you see logical and structured systems, others might see a mass of flickering lights and tangled up cables that need to be avoided at all cost!

Working alone, unaided and unsupervised is often the case. Being self-motivated, disciplined, and driven is crucial to the success of being a great ETO / AV IT engineer on Super Yachts.

The Super Yacht sector is growing rapidly with many large vessels being built and launched over the next 2 – 3 years. As such there has been a massive increase in the need for qualified and experienced ETO / AV IT engineers. There are many resources available for Electrical or AV IT engineers looking to further their career in the industry and for those who would like to transition over to yachting.

If this sounds appealing and you would like further information on becoming an ETO / AV IT engineer or if you’re looking for a qualified and experienced ETO/AV IT engineer to join your vessel, Robertson ETOs would be delighted to assist.

We specialise in the recruitment and placement of qualified and experienced ETOs and AV IT engineers in the maritime industry. We have a thorough interviewing and vetting process and provide only the highest caliber of candidate.

We have been working with and alongside ETOs, IT experts and AV IT refit companies for the past 10 years and can recommend ETOs, contractors and yacht AV IT refit companies for any sized project.

Jason and Nicci Robertson can be contacted at