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Destination Australia for next Oyster World Rally

31 March 2021: Oyster Yacht’s next live World Rally webinar takes place on Thursday 20th May at 19.00 BST and features the passage sail from Vanuatu to Mackay and the east coast of Australia.

The team from Oyster Yachts will outline the likely weather and tidal conditions the fleet may encounter, plus reef navigation whilst sailing approx. 1,200 miles across the Coral Sea from Vanuatu to the rendezvous point at Mackay. From Mackay, where the support team from Oyster will be based, participants in the Oyster World Rally then travel north along the eastern Australian coast to a variety of exciting locations including the exclusive Hamilton Island, where the Oyster team create a fantastic party to celebrate the fleet’s arrival in Australia.

With the yachts at liberty to pick and choose their route plans up to Darwin, the webinar will describe the popular stopping off points along the coastline including the Whitsundays, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

After re-grouping in Darwin with vessel checks and any technical support services required provided by the Oyster Support Team, the fleet then heads to Indonesia, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Mauritius and

Reunion. Christmas will be spent in the fantastic city of Cape Town, South Africa before setting off to the remote island of St Helena, en-route back in the Caribbean in early 2023.

Anyone wishing to register for the live webinar can do so here:

https://resources.oysteryachts.com/oyster- world-rally-may-webinar-registration

These popular live webinars are part of an extensive programme of support, training and expertise provided by Oyster Yachts for participants in the Oyster World Rally, which starts in January 2022 from Antigua. This rally is already fully subscribed with 30 Oyster Yachts taking part, and many hopeful owners on the waiting list.

“Our destination focused seminars are extremely popular with those taking part in the rally, and are also open to anybody dreaming of doing a circumnavigation, or who just wants to escape for a short time and learn more about these amazing destinations,” says Allie Smith, Head of Group Events at Oyster Yachts.

This next live webinar on Eastern Australia features a live Q&A session with former rally participants.

Previous destination webinars on transiting the Panama Canal, discovering the Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia, and the islands of Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu are all available on the Oyster Yachts website in the dedicated Oyster World Rally section – https://oysteryachts.com/oyster-world-rally

The Oyster World Rally provides a fully supported experience for any Oyster owner who has always dreamed of taking part in a world circumnavigation. The Oyster World Rally team provides world class support, which includes boat preparation and service, logistics, customs procedures, provisioning, technical training and even providing professional crew through Oyster Yachts Crew finder service.