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Crewed yacht: Benefits of working with a yacht crew agent

Finding the right crew for a crewed yacht can take a lot of time and effort, from advertising the role to vetting and interviewing candidates and negotiating contracts. A yacht crew recruiter offers numerous benefits, helping to connect captains and owners with the right boat crew quickly and effortlessly, therefore saving captains and boat owners’ valuable time. If you’re a yacht owner or captain and need help finding qualified boat crew for your crewed yacht, then keep on reading. Here we outline five reasons why you should work with a yacht crew recruiter.

1 – Save time

When you work with a yacht crew recruiter, you will save valuable time. You won’t need to advertise the position, sift through a mountain of applicants, vet credentials and experience, check availability, or follow up with references. All of that will be managed by your yacht crew recruitment consultant. Yacht crew agents will assist at every stage of the recruitment pipeline, from screening CVs, handling candidate communications, carrying out an initial round of interviews, and managing salary negotiations. This leaves you free to do what you do best – manage your yacht.

2 – High quality, vetted candidates

Yacht crew recruiters will be able to provide you with a selection of high quality, vetted candidates for any vacant crewed yacht positions you may have, from deckhands to captains. Working with a specialist yacht crew recruiter also gives you access to qualified boat crew for more specialist positions, including spa therapists, yoga instructors, jet-ski instructors, dive instructors, chefs, nannies, and sommeliers. This is especially useful for captains and yacht owners who are recruiting for a new specialist role and may not know the qualifications or candidate qualities to look for.

3 – Faster hiring process

When you work with a yacht crew recruiter, you will benefit from a faster hiring process as a recruiter will already have a pool of vetted boat crew candidates ready and waiting for the interview process. Indeed, candidates looking for a new crewed yacht position will actively register with yacht crew agents, giving you a pool of qualified talent to choose from. This is especially useful if you are looking to fill a position quickly.

4 – Specialist market knowledge

Yacht crew recruiters bring specialist market knowledge and stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the yacht recruitment world. Many agents are former boat crew themselves, so they have a unique understanding of the skill sets and attributes crewed yacht members need. This means that they will personally handpick qualified candidates they know will seamlessly integrate with your existing boat crew and help ensure long-term crew retention. Yacht crew recruiters will also have in-depth knowledge of the job market and salaries. They will know where there is a skill shortage or surplus and will be able to advise accordingly of an effective recruitment strategy. Ultimately a yacht crew recruiter will be able to help you attract the very best talent.

5 – Global reach


Working with a yacht crew recruiter provides your crewed yacht with a global reach, so wherever your boat might be in the world, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the right, qualified boat crew candidates who are dedicated to a career in yachting. Advertising a job is complex, and making sure it gets enough exposure can be tricky. Yacht crew recruiters have access to the latest marketing tools to reach the very best candidates, no matter where they might be in the world.

There’s no question that working with a yacht crew recruiter can help you find the very best qualified boat crew candidates while saving you precious time.

Author: Joanna Lewis

Date: April 2021