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Corner Bar – Where everyone really does know your name


This title may seem like a little cheesy throwback to the popular 80s TV show Cheers, but never have I been to a bar where this is a more perfect, honest statement. I arrived on the island 9 years ago now, and being an English speaker, the first group of people I met, purely by accident to begin with, were yachties. At that point, when someone asked me if I was a stewardess my immediate thought went to airplanes, and what an odd assumption to make. However it quickly became apparent that this was a question more about sails and motors than wings. And as I came to know this new group of friends there was one name that kept being bandied about more than others, that of Corner Bar. It seemed to be synonymous with the industry, a place where people went to network for jobs, to meet old friends and new and generally just to relax in a little international enclave from all of our homes, no matter where in the world that may have been.

And so it is, nine years on that I am sat down with my fabulous friends, the team behind Corner Bar, Susi, Matt and Pene, to discuss her coming of age. Many of you may not know this, but Corner is 21 years young this April, a fact that proprietor Matt laughs at when he points out that she in fact now older than many of the greenies and crew coming through her doors. Doesn’t make you feel old at all.

It was in 2001 when Matt and Alan, who is sadly no longer with us, came over to Mallorca for a reccy. Friends for 20 years at that stage, they, along with their partners Susi and Pene, had decided they no longer wanted to live in the UK and instead wanted to open a bar in sunny Mallorca. Owners of numerous restaurants and bars in the UK, it was the perfect plan. At this point Susi had visited Mallorca once when she was 17, Matt when he was 5, Alan never and Pene was probably trying to work out if it was twinned with anywhere in New Zealand. But once again, Mallorca worked its magic. Alan had done months and months of research and had identified Mallorca as the place to be, and he clearly was not wrong. Still, as with every move to somewhere new, it was still a leap of faith. Perhaps this is why yachties resonate so well with the ethos of the bar. And so it was that the intrepid four threw caution to the wind and on the 16th of April 2001 an offer was put in and accepted, and Corner Bar as we know and love it today was born.


An interesting little aside about Corner is that there has been a pub on that very spot since at least the 60s, where it has been known by varying different names such as Hard Rock and Lounge Lizard, and it was frequented by many of the US Navy who would pass through much more often in those days. Though they have also been known to let there hair down in their old stomping ground in more recent months. When the keys were handed over Corner was already Corner and the team felt that it was the perfect name, for obvious reasons.


It was clear even in those early days that the burgeoning yachting industry was going to play a key role in Palma and therefore it resonated with Corner Bar as well. Though it has never been exclusively yachting, with it large international and local crowd, it was immediately somewhere that yachties gravitated towards. Whether it was the multi-lingual and super friendly bar staff, or the fact that it felt like a little corner of their homeland, come they did and in their droves, and the tide of yachties has never ebbed. Sure, the faces have changed. Those that were taking their first foray into the industry as deckies and stews are now all grown up Captains and Chiefs with children of their own who are taking their first tentative steps into the world of water, and guess where they are drinking. Yep, Corner.

Matt, Pene, Susi and Alan have created a safe space. Somewhere you could come for advice, somewhere where you could throw of the day’s dock-walking frustrations, where you can celebrate, commiserate, say fair seas and following winds or welcome back those long away. It’s a place to come to in a group or to come alone, but where you will never be lonely. She’s been doing it for 21 years now and by god is she good at it.


From the infamous Killer Pool on a Thursday night, to live rugby and sports during the week and weekend, Corner has something to offer everyone. Her Halloween nights are now legendary and if you aren’t dressed up then more fool you. She has backed countless charities, from the plastic chomping Sea Bins to supporting friend and fellow yachtie Gareth Pullan raising funds to have his life saving brain operation. She champions any cause close to her heart such as the day that MY GO decided to offer some friendly advice and a fair few beers to any greenies in and around the area.


I ask what are the highlights of Corner Bar and the three of them smile wistfully. Along with many of those listed above, it is largely about the fact that they are still here. Covid was unkind to all it touched, but it is testament to the team that they are in full recovery mode and they wanted me to pass on a wholehearted thank you to those staff and customers across the decades that have supported Corner Bar and continue to do so. Here’s to many more decades of yachties and friends passing through her doors.

By Victoria Pearce

Corner Bar

Plaça de la Drassana, 9,

07012 Palma,

Illes Balears

971 15 62 14

Info: Cash only but there is a cashpoint next door