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BT23 Fitness with Bradley Taylor

Welcome back to another session from BT23 Fitness. In this months issue we will be doing a Core session. All of the exercises this month can be done using just bodyweight, if you feel the need to make the exercises harder then you can add some weight where necessary if you have them.

The session will be done in a pyramid style working on increasing the reps each set and then lowering them again.

Overall there will be 5 sets, the first set you will do 10 reps on each exercise,  for the following 2 sets you will increase the reps by 5 so by set 3 you are doing 20 reps on each exercise, after this set 4 and 5 you lower the reps by 5 until you are doing 10 reps on each exercise again.

So in summery:

  • 5 exercises
  • 5 sets
  • 1st set 10 reps, 2nd-15, 3rd-20, 4th-15, 5th-10
  • Minimal rest between exercises
  • No longer than 2 mins between rounds

Bicycles: laying on our back raise the legs and shoulders just off of the ground rotate one shoulder around to meet the opposite knee in the middle while keeping the other leg extended straight out and just off of the floor.From this position reverse the movement and extend the bent knee out and bend the extended knee whilst rotating the shoulders around the other way.

Crunches : sitting up and leaning back into your hands, keep the heels and toes together and draw the knees back into the chest, extend the legs out until legs are completely straight before bringing the knees back into the chest right.

Leg raises: laying on our back keeping our toes and heels together and legs straight lift them as high as possible and control them back down to the ground, as soon as the heels touch the floor start the next rep.

Jackknife: laying on your back keep the legs straight out and hands straight behind the head, from this position lift the legs and arms to meet in the middle above the hips squeezing the core at the top. as you lower back down try and keep the heels and shoulders just off the ground before raising up into the next rep.

Plank Hops: Starting in a plank position keep feet together and hop to the left or right, try to get both knees to the outside of the elbow, straight away hop back to the  original plank position before hopping to the other side. 1 hop is 1 rep in this sequence

why do we train the core ?

Core strength/stability helps us to complete or continue an exercise No matter what type it is we prefer, whether it be running, swimming, cycling,weight lifting and so on

Our Core can quite often get neglected or not solely focused on when training however it serves an important purpose in improving our performance at our chosen sport, as well as helping with day to day living

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