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Boot Düsseldorf expected to push back to late April

Rumours swirling around the industry of yet another boat show postponement have not been shut down by the team at boot Düsseldorf which yesterday [1Dec20] told MIN that an ‘announcement of the date for boot Düsseldorf will be published this Thursday’.

As comments go, it doesn’t confirm cancellation of the show’s current published dates (23-31 Jan), but it definitely doesn’t confirm that it’s going ahead either.

An announcement was always due this week, after Petros Michelidakis, boot project director, stated “boot Düsseldorf will give starting signal for successful season in 2021,” at an early November press conference.

This season, boat show organisers have been engaged in mass ring-rounds before cancelling, as evidenced by the situation which MDL and British Marine found themselves just hours prior to their shows opening in Southampton. At least in this instance there is a little more time to take stock, however depressing the news is expected to be.

MIN will bring you an update as soon as we hear more, but multiple sources are predicting a late April show.