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Asociación Ondine: A Tidal Wave Of Change For 2018

Just before Christmas a whole bunch of you legends made resolutions to do things that would help our marine environment throughout 2018. We’ve put all of the pledges up on social media, but we wanted to share the most nautical ones here in the hope that readers of The Islander might be tempted to join this tidal wave of goodwill and effort.

Jared Smith is the owner of Mediterranean Cooling Towers, the company that keeps yacht fridges and freezers operational while they are out of the water. Having been on many of the world’s largest yachts, Jared noticed that product sourcing for crews doesn’t always have the needs of a healthy ocean in mind. He is promising to start an initiative in 2018 to encourage yachts to re-think their supply. “All the biggest yachts supply their crew with uniforms, toiletries, toothbrushes etc. The use of cotton, or other natural fibres, for uniforms is already widespread, but it would be great if the crew lockers of these boats could be stocked with bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic, toiletries from producers such as Lush or other companies who avoid excess plastic packaging, and if some of the chemical-based cleaning products used aboard could be replaced with ones that are more environmentally friendly. If yachts share their success stories when trying out new products, this could truly produce a wave of change in the industry.”

Tyler’s New Year’s resolution complemented Jared’s as, in addition to promising to reduce his personal usage of groceries packed in plastic, he is also developing software to raise awareness of local companies and how they can change their packaging. “This will be for both consumers and companies to use in order to track their consumption of plastic,” he explained. “I want to start a movement for change starting in the Balearics and eventually going global. The software will also detail what products are available here that aren’t wrapped in plastic.”

On the subject of chemical usage in the yachting industry, Fiona Bruce of Doyle Sails has this at the top of her list to tackle within her business in 2018. This company has a history of carrying out their eco-resolutions year on year. In 2016 they pledged to install a filtered water system in the company for all staff and visiting clients. In 2017 Doyle Sails teamed up with Asociación Ondine and Cleanwave to provide all staff with stainless steel drinking bottles while also giving them away to customers to encourage them to make the change away from plastic bottles aboard their yachts. In 2018 Fiona has a new idea. “I will try to source and develop bio-degradable, anti-mildew cleaning products for sails that work as well, or better, than the chemicals that are employed by the industry at the moment.” We can’t wait to hear, and see, the results!

Surfers and general ocean people, Marcos and Teresa pledged to stop using shower gels and shampoos that are sold in plastic bottles. “I will use soap bars and source non-plastic wrapped options,” Marcos said. Teresa, who spent the past year sailing in many parts of the world and seeing ocean plastic pollution at its worst, has pledged to cut down on all aspects of consumerism.

Glenn McDonnald, Captain of MY Vava, will stop drinking from plastic water bottles completely because he has installed a water filter in his house. “Although I don’t smoke, having helped pick up more than 6,000 cigarette butts at the last Dos Manos beach clean, I’m going to nag all smokers not to throw their butts on the ground, or in the ocean, but to dispose of them properly! I’m also going to educate my daughter and everyone else around me about the dangers plastic poses to the oceans and how we can all reduce our plastic footprints.” Get nagging Glenn! We love it!

Pete Mason, Captain of MY Capella, is undertaking winter changes on board with conservation in mind by installing a Grohe filter tap in the galley. This will provide all still and fizzy water for crew and guests, eliminating the need for any bottled water to be brought aboard from 2018 onwards. “This is a single mono-mando tap giving three types of filtered cooled water: still, with a little gas and fully carbonated. The device is available from Socias Rosselló on the Palma’s poligono Son Castello,” he explained.

Edouard Cocquerel and Katie Toll work for RV Bonnie Lass, the eco-friendly charter boat that operates out of Puerto Soller and regularly volunteers to help Asociación Ondine in their marine survey work. Bonnie Lass owners Pete and Roo have already pledged to make plastic bottles a thing of the past on board, and source foods from local farmers and producers. Now, Edouard and Katie are committed to making changes within their own home and lifestyle too. “It’s out with the commercially made tea-lights and all their packaging and dodgy chemicals, and in with making our own candles to brighten the winter evenings. Also, we’re promising to avoid even one more plastic shopping bag. We often have times when we have forgotten our cloth bags and give in to a plastic one, but this has to stop. A couple of times struggling with armfuls of items, or having to put things back and return later with a bag, should ensure we never have memory problems with bags again!”

All great ways of helping our ocean creatures and a fantastic start to 2018! Thanks guys! Let’s keep the ideas and effort going and hopefully we’ll have a summer of blue seas and abundant marine life. Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


By Brad Robertson of Asociación Ondine