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Analogue v Digital ??



 In recent years we have seen the advances in many facets of our lives

where digital products have shown huge advantages over their analogue counterparts .TV’s, music devices and radios to name but a few. It seems incredible that in these modern times, on mega expensive superyachts, where relative small differences in cost has minimal influence in decision making, that many are still using analogue communication systems, which can compromise both security and safety.


Here are just some of the reasons why most savvy businesses and Superyachts are now favouring digital over analogue:


  • Digital two way radios give you strong and clear signals well beyond that of more traditional analogue radios meaning digital radios can be used over a much wider area and also in enclosed environments such as experienced in the bowels of most Superyachts, where waterproof bulkhead doors should always be closed.

  • Digital two way radios reduce external background noises which make them perfect for use in noisy spaces such as engine rooms or outside in windy or noisy conditions .

  • Digital two way radio means bandwidth consumption is reduced and longer battery lives. This means a modern digital two way radio will continue working long after an analogue radio will have died and be in need of a new battery or re-charge.

  • Digital radios offer much more secure communications thus enhancing privacy and security on board.

  • With digital two way radios, more simultaneous talking paths are possible.

  • A digital system can more easily be integrated into the wireless IP network environment and existing communications infrastructures.

  • Advanced GPS services are available with digital two way radios which make it easier than ever for users to stay in touch and be located.

  • Digital radios allow voice, data and tracking on the same network at the same time meaning you can monitor your staff movements at all times

  • If you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your communications, share information quicker and easier than ever before, increase productivity and have the very latest and best mobile communications package for your business, location or event then digital two way radios are likely to be just what you need.




Many of the leading players in the radio market now offer digital options, with Motorola being arguably the market leader in this field. There are many Chinese imitations which may save a little on initial purchase, but as with most items, are not as reliable in the long term.


Next month we will be featuring a new communication management system aimed squarely at the Superyacht market, called “Vessel Watch”, from Net-Logic Marine. We are fortunate to have a working demo unit in the ETY Superyacht Electrical Services office of STP, Palma. This system uses Motorola exclusively, and claims to be two years ahead of anything else on the market.


Jack Robinson, based here in Palma, is the global distribution manager for Net Logic Marine and is happy to answer any enquiries.


Tel: 625-297-443


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