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Amazing Raw Beauty Detox Tips For Self Care

We all  know the health dangers of smoking and eating junk food,and the toxic, addictive and dehydrating effects that can also be detrimental to your looks, spoil your skin and age you faster than just about anything. Everyone who eats cooked, processed junk foods knows they should quit. Everyone who smokes knows they should quit, but have you ever stopped to consider the effects these things have on your skin, hair, teeth and youth and your immune system?

A lack of enzymes in your diet can create a buildup of toxins, which can dull your complexion, slow your metabolism, and decrease the renewal of skin cells, which leads to accelerated aging-one can live for many years on a cooked food diet  but eventually this kind of diet will cause cellular enzyme exhaustion which lays the foundation for a week immune system and, ultimately,disease, that is why after 20 years experience of Raw Plant Based Living Foods and well in to the “Golden Age “ I still continue to promote it.

Here Are Some Beauty Tips I Would Like Share With You That I Use On A Daily Basis

A daily raw green chlorophyll rich vegetable juice -make sure you include organic cucumber (leave the skin on ) Juicing will make your face glow and your eyes sparkle.

Freshly cut wheatgrass shots on a daily basis can be ingested daily, rubbed on to the skin and hair,use on tumours,pour into your bath tub and used as an internal enema to boost the immune system and to fight detrimental illnesses.

Arugula,is an excellent internal skin cleanser and liver purifier,mix in a salad with avocado.

Papaya, cleanses and sooth`s the digestive tract, they greatly enhance skin beauty,nail strength and hair luster, raw foodies who eat papaya on a regular basis develop radiant glowing eyes.

Coconut oil.Coconut oil has been used as a skin moisturizer for thousands of years, It is ideal for rough,dry,cracked and wrinkled skin,it prevents stretch marks and lightens existing ones.Its antiseptic elements keeps the skin young and healthy.

Turmeric oil (external application for beautiful skin) mix 30 grams of powdered organic turmeric powder in ½ a liter of sesame oil,leave to steep in a warm place for 2 weeks, then strain out the residue through a cloth

Aloe gel,is great for dry skin, when rubbed into the face it provides a “face lift within 30 minutes as the skin seems to pull tighter,use the gel from a freshly cut aloe leaf whenever possible.

Beauty sleep”  is called just that for a reason. It keeps you young by promoting melatonin production, and eliminates a haggard and tired appearance. The best is to be in bed by sundown whenever possible and or get 8 hours rest.

More on Detox

You may want to consider our  7-14 or 21 day Home Detox Programs based on the Hippocrates way of life, its easy because we  at Vegan & Raw  Organic Food FarmAcy by Beverley- Palma,  prepare it for you. Whatever you would like to achieve, high levels of energy or your body needs a full repair these programs have been well thought out so that you will feel completely nourished at all times!

Extra Special :Tips To Boost Your Immune System For These Precarious Times

Antibacterial foods and herbs to consider, include:













Oregon grape root


Marshmallow root


Colloidal silver

Most of these foods and herbs can be used in many different ways in every day meal preparation, but the most potent way to receive their benefits in through tinctures, capsules, teas, essential oils, and freshly pressed juices. A few of them are antiviral as well (like ginger, garlic, cranberry, colloidal silver, and Echinacea).

Tips To  Boost Your Natural Defense System With Anti Viral Herbs:

Una de Gato (Cat’s Claw)

Pau D’Arco



Lemon balm

Licorice root

Olive leaf

Oregano oil

These proven virus fighters will provide another layer of protection to your overall immune system.

Beverley Pugh-Hippocrates Health Educator-Raw Food Chef & Coach-Rebirther-Reiki Master-Reflexologist.  0034 629867785