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James Heise is not a man to get hot under the collar, in fact he has made a speciality and a successful business out of keeping things cool on yachts, specifically in the engine room.




Overtemp Marine, the company started by James back in 2007, was like a lot of innovative business ideas, based on the practical experience and acquired knowledge of its founder.




Overtemp does exactly as its name suggests, and prevents marine engines, generators, hydraulic coolers, sea chests and crossovers from running over temperature…. This is a condition that every owner, captain or engineer is keen to avoid, for the obvious reason that it increases maintenance costs and shortens engine life.




Before 2007, James himself was one of those captains running a Hatteras 54 Sports Fishing yacht on the North East coast of the USA.  The boat’s pair of C30 Caterpillar engines with only 300 running hours on them, were ramping up temperatures of up to 195F (90C) which James could not bring down, even after changing the coolant with the Cat recommended fluid, and confirming that the impellers were all in good condition.




Being anxious to avoid an engine strip down in the middle of a season, James was interested to hear from the Caterpillar engineers about the possibility to use a Biodegragable Marine Industrial Descaler, which they assured him was not a caustic acid, and would not affect the engine’s vital parts such as gaskets, hoses, and seals.




Having obtained a quantity of the recommended chemical, Heise then set about creating a closed loop system which allowed the mixture to circulate throughout the cooling system, all the way down to the sea cocks and back, which he allowed to run for four hours.




During the subsequent sea trial it was found that the engine running temperature was back on spec, and had reduced by 6F at 1850 RPM.  Conclusion: The temperature increase had been caused by the common phenomena known as scaling, which had been effectively removed from the tubing, heat exchanger and circulating pipes of the cooling system by the effectiveness of the descaling chemical.




As always it didn’t take long for James’s success story to spread around the marina, and before long he was carrying out the same treatment on a Hatteras 60, also running Cat C30’s but this time with 1500 hours on them.  After completing the job and losing 5 degrees on the running temperature, it was enough to convince James to set up in business, providing a service that he could see was unquestionably in demand.




Of course finding a reliable ‘engine friendly’ descaling chemical was only the start, but it was a definitive one, which led James into purchasing a trailer, and a building a fully portable Dockside Heat Exchanger/Cleaning System. This enabled him to travel to yachts up and down the coast, and to build a portfolio of satisfied clients who had their cooling systems effectively and regularly flushed without ever leaving their berth.




Overtemp Marine is now a fully established international business concept, keeping running temperatures down across the entire leisure marine industry from small boats to megayachts , and is very happy to work in the Mediterranean as he often does here in Palma.




Article written by Peter Franklin, Yachtbuzz Media.




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